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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: Animal Crossing going to Cross the 25mil Horizon

And.... we’re already almost there!

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Marth said:
One of the rare occasions where Tbones prediction was not bold enough :D

As a general rule, if his BOLD predictions do happen, then he's also lowballong them.

At this point it's gonna blow past 25 million within the first year. Hell with how fast it's selling I wouldn't be surprised if it's already done that or just about to do it since the 22 million was for the end of June. Absolutely nuts.

I think time for you to create another bold prediction, with Animal Crossing looking to pass 25 mil by a lot. Its just seems he also underestimated the game :P

Well done with the prediction Tbone


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Dang, just a couple months ago I predicted it'd get to 28-30 million. Talk about a low ball prediction! Seems like 40 million is very likely now. 30 million will be hit by end of this year.