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You concerned yet?

Yes 85 48.02%
No, but I will be followi... 50 28.25%
No, its being overblown 42 23.73%

Jesus, I'd was worried when Trump was speaking so eloquently while mentioning China. My heart skipped a beat.

Well, I hope this is enough, lets see what the CCP do now.


China Numba wan!!

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This pandemic is certainly heightening emotions and bringing long term issues to a boil. Sadly the riots in the USA right now are no surprise. Long term injustice plus people stuck at home without a job facing an uncertain future equals explosion.

@SpokenTruth maybe relevant for your son's girlfriend?

This won't help anything

School re-openings too soon?

Bad day all around, Ontario numbers going up again. However Ford changed his stance on a regional approach to re-opening (finally) and testing capacity should be going up again. You can now get tested if you suspect you might have been in contact with someone who is infected. You no longer need to have symptoms first. As well as mandatory screenings, This week, Toronto first responders and LCBO employees were ordered to undergo testing, along with staff at certain adult correctional facilities, hospital staff and workers at various congregate residential settings. Funny the liquor stores get lumped in with first responders.

My antibody came through as not detected.

JRPGfan said:
SpokenTruth said:

23 million?  Sao Paulo is damn near that by itself. Don't use municipal city limits for population figures unless you need a direct municipal to municipal comparison.

Sao Paulo - 21.5 million.
Rio de Janeiro - 12.3 million.
Belo Horizonte - 5.2 million.
Brasilia - 4.3 million.
Salvador - 4.1 million.

That's 47.5 million.  Double that 23 million figure.

The study mentioned "the 5 major cities"
If you google population of Sao Paulo, you get a answear saying 12,18.
I did the same for the 4 other major cities.
Which was how I arrived at 23m.

Yeah, that's municipal population. It's like saying San Francisco and Indianapolis are the same population (881k and 876k respectively). Yet their metro populations are 7.6 million and 2.0 million.

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Barozi said:
JapaneseGamesLover said:
Germany has less than 10,000 active cases now, first big European country.

eh I wouldn't trust these numbers too much. They are just estimated and IMO a few thousand, maybe even ten thousand too low compared to other countries.

It's probably better to count patients in ICUs.

Don't some Americans avoid the health care system entirely due to it's exorbitant expense though?

It's always going to be difficult to get the most accurate numbers, with different demographics and health systems, but the numbers paint an "idea" of what is going on, which is usually more than sufficient.

JRPGfan said:
JapaneseGamesLover said:

Yes, also people in ICU are a few.

744 in a country of 84 million people.  

in comparison:

1,559 in UK with 66 million people 

1,429 in France with 65 million people

489 in Italy with 60 million people

18 in Denmark with 5,8 million people.   ^-^

4 in Australia with 24~ million people.

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5/29 Full Charts:

Very Bad - Brazil (record cases and deaths), Russia (record deaths), India (record cases and deaths), Peru (record cases), Chile (record deaths), Mexico (near record cases and deaths), Saudi Arabia (record deaths), Pakistan (record cases and deaths), Sweden (near record cases),

Bad - US, Turkey,

Good - UK, Canada,

Very Good - Spain, Italy, France, Germany,

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."