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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - You're in charge of Xbox division. What would be your battle plan for Xbox Series X?

curl-6 said:

What would be your strategy for Xbox Series X in the upcoming console war if you were in charge?

1) Stop the confusing nonsensical naming scheme, and create a clear and easy one. The next Xbox should be called something like Xbox Gen 4, which people will simply call XB4. Cheaper versions could be called with a "core" subtext while more advanced versions may go with "pro" if need be....

2) Make Xbox Gen 4 (XB4 henceforth) and all variants %100 compatible with windows 10 machines so that any PC game should automatically work on XB4. If that's not feasible then create a very convincing and easy to implement platform to easily convince all PC games to XB4 so that all Xbox users will take the PC games for granted.

3) Create a significant number of platform exclusives only found on XB4, which will run all windows 10 games as well so that a PC user will still have a reason to buy an XB4.

4) Improve backward compatibility so that all Xbox, X360 and XB1 games will run on XB4, as well as all the windows 10 games going forward.

5) Do NOT focus on creating a machine but a viable platform. The machine should always be reasonably priced with several tiers. $399 for the mainstream, $299 for the price sensitive, and a $599 for the power hungry. Release them only when ready, without rush. Do not compete against Sony, compete against yourself, proceeding in your own trajectory. This way, it will both be affordable for the price-sensitive, and be considered as powerful due to the high end model. For instance, even though XB1 is far weaker than PS4, which is what MOST people experience, many people tend to think XB1 is superior due to the existence of XBX, which is noticeably stronger than PS4pro.

6) Create an UPGRADE CYCLE, for every 2 years, releasing another high-end model, which will cause the standard model to drop to "core" status, "pro" model to the standard status, while the "pro" will be replaced by the new high end version.

7) Create a system, where each version will be supported for at least 4 years, up to 8+ years. For instance, assuming the standard and core models are released in 2020, and upgraded with a "pro" model in 2022; here is the support schedule...

Core: 2020-2024; replaced by standard in 2022; phased out in 2024
Standard: 2020-2026; replaced by pro 2022; phased out in 2026
Pro: 2022-2028; replaced by the new high end in 2024; phased out in 2028
New high end: 2024-2030... and so on so forth.

Each pro model is released at $599, gets a $100 cut every two years and is pushed one tier below, and spends 4 years at the bottom tier before getting phased out.

Very simple and unambiguous, and pretty much the same as Apple's Ipad & Iphone strategy except the upgrade cycles are two years instead of one.

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Playstation 5 vs XBox Series Market Share Estimates

Regional Analysis  (only MS and Sony Consoles)
Europe     => XB1 : 23-24 % vs PS4 : 76-77%
N. America => XB1 :  49-52% vs PS4 : 48-51%
Global     => XB1 :  32-34% vs PS4 : 66-68%

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Scrap it

Quit the gaming business altogether, sell the franchises/assets to Nintendo and Sony and retire to live in a secluded virgin beach until the end of my days.

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They just need to match or surpass Sony with the quality of their exclusives. Sounds easy enough, but Sony has a pretty big stable of quality teams and Sony also gives them the creative freedom to try new things. As long as MS keep clamping onto Gears, Halo and Forza, I don't see MS pulling it off next gen, but hey who knows.

Lets BE honest, they Will never beat PlayStation , max they can do is match them in sales and that needed some conditions that are not going to hapen like release like half a year or more first, cheaper console and making Xbox cool like 360 era.

My battle plan would BE deals with third party, deals with the most mainstream studios, that would BE deals for FIFA, for Next GTA, for call of duty, for Next destiny etc. They have enough studios they just need to suport them and let them do the job.

Release a cheaper console is Number One priority or its dead on arrival.cheaper mesma less power, This Will piss off the Fanboys but we Here for all gamers and not loud minority on Twitter jerking of to phill Spencer all day. We want the casual Market more than anything.

Continue to Market gamepass and pray Sony does not do something similar.

Make halo a masterpiece game on release day, people needs to see they still got it in first party. Dont make another fucking gears, your big studios need to make new Big fucking IPS, fresh air. Trow money at new studios you bought, ninja theory needs to make a game that Will rival naughty dog games and shove money up obsidian ass , they need to make a RPG that Rivals Witcher and elders scrolls.

Dont fucking do two console versions like some rumours we had.

And for last i would out phill Spencer cleaning toilets, he had his chance and all he did in all these years was buying studios when GEN ended , too late and gamepass , If this was his ideas in the first place... We need people that is not all PR bullshit , more action less broken promises that make you look like a idiot.

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curl-6 said:

What would be your strategy for Xbox Series X in the upcoming console war if you were in charge?

Admit to myself that I dont believe a heavy multiplayer focus, works.
I'd make sure all the projects from 1st party side, made sure the focus was on the singleplayer and story telling aspects.
(3rd party is sitting to heavily on multiplayer aspects, you gain little yourself by being there as well)

Barbie, Voodoo vince (w. orginal assets), honey I shrunk the kids... ect.

That would all end, I'd rather have 1 big banger, than 5 AA middle of the pack, okayish games, heading for gamepass.

I'd want to gamble on western RPGs, at the very least.
If sony is associated with all the japanese ones, and you know its a issue for your platform.... make your own, western styled ones.

Basically Fable, and another new series atleast.
I'd make sure they where AAA quality, on pair with halo & gears.

Banjo Kazoei is too beloved to just be left to slowly wither away.
Super Lucky's Tale, is fine, but its not.... up to par, with what a Banjo Kazoei would need to be.

Get it done, right.

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Make new entries of old Xbox exclusive IP from third parties :
Ninja Blade
Ninja Gaiden

Revive some Rare IP:
Perfect Dark
Banjo Kazoei
A Kart Racer similar to Diddy Kong Racing.
Blast Corps With today open world and enviromental destruction.

Make a deal with Sega to make new games in forgoten ips:
Head Hunter (third person shoter adventure game)
Crazy Taxi
Space channel

Make Games like Warframe and Fornite truly free , no xbox gold subscription necesary.
Change the Backward compatibility programan to Legacy Games and make deals to ad other old systems too (Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, turbo graf, etc) and ad achievements too.

Sorry for my bad english.

Hardware (the below assumes that the recent 9.2 tflop PS5, 12 tflop Series X, 4 tflop Series/Lockhart rumors are true)

  • Subsidize Xbox Series X if necessary to hit a price point $50 more than PS5 at most. Anything larger than a $50 gap is unacceptable if you don't want to fall massively behind in sales again. 
  • Bump Lockhart/Series S GPU up to 6 tflop from the rumored 4 tflop. More than 4 tflop is needed to hit 1440p with the same graphical settings as Series X at 4K, and even hitting 1080p with the same graphical settings could be problematic with just 4 tflop. Porting between S and X should be a breeze if they don't want to make developers lives difficult, and the more power there is for devs to work with on Lockhart, the easier porting becomes for them. Then subsidize Series S to hit an attractive price point of $100 less than PS5. 
  • Subsidizing hardware is a bit of a gamble strategy, but with the large profit margin on accessory sales and digital game sales, you can make back what you lose on the subsidized hardware later in the gen, thanks to the sales boost that subsidizing brings. Say you sell 30m consoles at a loss early gen. If each of those 30m buyers buys a couple of digital games and a few official accessories over the course of the generation, you make back everything you lost on the hardware and then some.

1st Party

Microsoft's goal of releasing 4 AAA games per year plus several smaller AA and A games sounds like a great idea which could get people subbed to Gamepass permanently. However, more AAA studios are needed to make that goal a reality. As such:

  • Buy at least 1 more AAA studio. Some possible acquisition targets that wouldn't be insanely expensive include Techland, Remedy, Sumo, and Certain Affinity. 
  • Start building another AAA studio from the ground up, just like The Initiative.
  • Expand 343 to have 2 AAA teams, and start the 2nd team on a new IP.

Japanese support is important. Some here on VGC will tell you that it's not, and that MS should just abandon Japan entirely. That would be a huge mistake. Abandoning Japan means losing Japanese 3rd party support, and your console looks alot less attractive next to Sony if you have the exact same western games, but none of the Japanese games. As such, MS has to focus on selling enough consoles in Japan to keep 3rd party Japanese devs interested in releasing on Xbox, just like MS did when they sold a respectable 1.6m 360's in Japan. 

  • Buy at least 1 AA/AAA Japanese studios, preferably 2. Possible acquisition targets include Platinum Games, White Owls, CyberConnect2, and Grounding Inc. 
  • Try to get at least one 2nd party Japanese exclusive per year, in addition to the 1st party Japanese games from above. 

Japan isn't the only eastern market. China and Korea are big gaming markets as well, and possible targets for Xbox sales growth. As such:

  • Buy at least 1 Chinese studio. One possible acquisition target here would be Aurogon, developers of the Guijan RPG series. This series was originally going to be ported to Xbox One in China, but those plans fell through. 

You can't ask that kind of question here... VGChartz as an extremely toxic environment on anything Xbox. (4/16 Nasty comments in Microsoft discussion... Great job mobs)

Xbox Series X is already poise to be the heyday of the Xbox franchise. I don't think we really need to do anything else.

They need a great marketing message .... Check
They need an actual powerful system and image of power .... Check
They need more first party and more games .... Check
Backward compatibility from the start .... Check
Great subscription service that provide value to the customer ... Check
Affordability and mass appeal ... TBA (Cheaper console release with Series X and we don't know how much series X will cost)
They need key partnership with AAA .... Working progress but strong start (They have marketing rights for Cyberpunk 2077)

I think next gen will be great for Video games, Microsoft won't screw up like it did last gen and Sony really need to step up their game with PS5 in order to match everything Microsoft is doing for next gen.

I think it's pretty simple, really. Xbox needs to come in at the same relative power as PlayStation, but at a lower price, or at the same price but with a noticeable poweredge. beyond that, they need to make sure that all these Studios they're scooping up put out good quality games. That's really all it takes. That, and some time.

I know people like to talk about the lack of Xbox exclusives, because they're on PC. But, aside from hardcore gamers that hang out in gaming forms like this one, there is very little overlap between PC and console gaming. Console gamers choose between Xbox and PlayStation. They don't decide they're going to invest in a $1,500 gaming rig so they'll buy a PlayStation instead of an Xbox. That's just not how it works

with that said, there certainly is some amount of brand loyalty between PlayStation and Xbox. So, righting the ship for next generation is not going to mean Xbox outsells PlayStation. However, it should mean a significantly smaller spread between the two. And, frankly, I think it's a near certainty that the next generation will be better for Xbox.