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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Whats the longest you haven't eaten anything?


how long not eaten

1-4 hours 2 4.00%
5 -10 hours 3 6.00%
11-15 hours 2 4.00%
16 - 20 hours 6 12.00%
20 + hours 37 74.00%

8 days. TBH i got to a point where I didn't even feel hungry anymore lol.

Lots of water though.

Normally I don't eat breakfast, so normally I go without food between 8pm and 12-1pm (so whats that like 16hours or so?)



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Probably something between 16 and 24h.

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Per the terms posed by the OP, my father used to go about 21 hours everyday. He ate dinner and an evening snack only. But, in reality he took in a bunch of nutrients every morning with his coffee loaded with cream and sugar.

If we really want to talk about fasting, we should be discussing time without consuming calories. If one gets calories via liquid, they're not fasting in a medical sense.

I've regularly done 36 hours at a time when fasting for religious reasons. Once I was severely ill as a child and that probably would have been a longer period of time, but I don't know the exact time frame of the illness.

I haven't eaten once anything for 2days +. I forced myself onto an extreme diet around 12 years ago to lose weight ASAP, as I've got pretty damn chubby, and it did the trick. Of course, this was the start of a 2 months long diet.

It was nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. I still regularly hold 1 day off days from food, every half year or so.

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John2290 said:
Wow, we live in such a great time that people here from all nationalities, I'm assuming adults, have never gone longer than 24 hours without food. That should be mind blowing but it's normal. Times are the best they have ever been for this fact alone.

Yupp. And even who did, had it for medical or religious reasons. 

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I usually eat once a day so on average I eat once every 24 hours. To that I sometimes add nibbling of whatever small stuff one can nibble, chips, peanuts, cookies... But not that much, just when I feel a little bit hungry, though not hungry enough to eat a full meal.

I used to eat twice a day and before that, three times a day which is I think the norm. I don't think I could eat 3 times a day ever again, my appetite has gone down over the years and I'm good with that, saves me a lot of money in food.

But to answer your exact question, the longest I once went without eating was 3 days and I won't speak of the details concerning those 3 days. I'll just say it happened only once as far as I can remember.

Most probably like 20 hours, from my memory anyway. As in a period of eating at like 7pm the night before, then on a Saturday just not eating as I forget and then around 3-4pm the next day think, ahhhh crap, I should eat something.

But in that time I've had like 3 cups of tea so...

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Hmm, pie.

From like breakfast until dinner.

Why would I wait any longer to eat anything. :-|

Without eating anything at all? I fast twice a year, the longest I've gone is 3 Days. I did drink water of course.