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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Whats the longest you haven't eaten anything?


how long not eaten

1-4 hours 2 4.00%
5 -10 hours 3 6.00%
11-15 hours 2 4.00%
16 - 20 hours 6 12.00%
20 + hours 37 74.00%

today I ended up not eating for a whopping 20 hours with 30 minutes not eating anthing 

whats yours?

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Not including sleeping or the time I was practically in a coma for a few days from a really bad flu, I think my longest was probably around 10 hours.

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14 hours.

26 ish hours

Somewhere in the 24hr range. I was stuck studying from midnight to midnight with some sleeping in-between but no time for eating

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7 days is the longest I haven't eaten anything for


A whole day at most.

24 hours~ish, but that's pretty rare.
Though if I'm sick then it's not uncommon.

But I used to not eat breakfast, so my first meal would be lunch or dinner, and that worked fine for me.
Nowadays I eat breakfast, even though I'm not hungry, because I feel I have more energy for the rest of the day if I do.

Three days. I was a teenager, there was barely any food at my house, and the school lunches were dogshit. Didn't eat for three days out of sheer spite. At that point in my life my daily eating habits were a bowl of cereal in the morning, a kindergarten sized pint of milk for lunch, a snickers bar, and a glass of koolaid when I got home.

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27 hours since i needed to prepare myself for a medical exam