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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Reach (MCC) Launching December 3rd on Xbox One & PC.

All six games in Halo: The Master Chief Collection can be pre-purchased in a bundle on Steam or through the Microsoft Store for $39.99. This bundle includes all titles in the collection that will be delivered over time, beginning December 3 with Halo: Reach and ending with Halo 4 in 2020. Halo: Reach can also be purchased separately for $9.99.

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Yay, can't wait to get playing Halo again

I'll be playing this when it comes out. I haven't played it in several years.

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Is it remastered like Halo 3?

Wait all of them are available now on PC other than Reach?!

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Jigsawx1 said:
Is it remastered like Halo 3?


Dulfite said:
Wait all of them are available now on PC other than Reach?!

Nah, it starts with Reach on December 3rd and the rest will release overtime, just saw how the OP could be confusing so I updated it for clarity.

So ready. Double dipping with this one.

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Can't wait for Halo 4 on PC.

Remastered, nice!

Thanks for the clarification Ryuu96.

On another note, will we be able to play, on PC via Steam, with xbox 360/One controllers for these?

I had a knucklehead moment. My 360 controller is fine when playing games, but when I'm looking at my desktop/browser there is a drift constantly on the mouse (a drift that doesn't exist in games), so I figured it was time to upgrade. I went out and bought an Xbox One controller, a Bluetooth one. I've been streaming my PC to my TV in another room with mouse and keyboard fine, but I wanted to play with a controller and not have a massively long wire dangling to where I am sitting. I've since discovered connecting the bluetooth xbox one controller to the TV does not give me control over the desktop and games playing on the desktop, and I can't connect it to the desktop because, WAIT FOR IT, I don't have bluetooth hardware on my desktop LOL