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Thanks for the clarification Ryuu96.

On another note, will we be able to play, on PC via Steam, with xbox 360/One controllers for these?

I had a knucklehead moment. My 360 controller is fine when playing games, but when I'm looking at my desktop/browser there is a drift constantly on the mouse (a drift that doesn't exist in games), so I figured it was time to upgrade. I went out and bought an Xbox One controller, a Bluetooth one. I've been streaming my PC to my TV in another room with mouse and keyboard fine, but I wanted to play with a controller and not have a massively long wire dangling to where I am sitting. I've since discovered connecting the bluetooth xbox one controller to the TV does not give me control over the desktop and games playing on the desktop, and I can't connect it to the desktop because, WAIT FOR IT, I don't have bluetooth hardware on my desktop LOL