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Forums - Gaming Discussion - To Hideo or not to Hideo? That is the Kojima. [Death Stranding disscussion]


I am...

Loving DS 16 32.65%
Enjoyig DS 6 12.24%
Middle of the road. 1 2.04%
Disliking DS 5 10.20%
Hating DS 7 14.29%
Not sure yet. 8 16.33%
Other. 6 12.24%

I'm all-in, and double-dipped.

Life is good, thank you Kojima Productions, Decima, and SIE!!

See you at the Game Awards!!

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I'm taking the day off to give myself 3 full days with the game. I will chime in from time to time.

As far as Kojima games from the past go. I have played all the way through MGS2 - 4 and Grounds Zero. Never finished MGS1 and skipped the PSP games and MGS5.

Looking forward to everyone elses impressions. I will check back from time to time through the weekend as I take breaks from the game.

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I'll pick it up next week. Spa Franchorchamps finally came to GT Sport and is on all week in the daily C (long race) and it's awesome.

I went for not sure yet. Hype dropped off as of late.

Will buy my copy tomorrow morning and play late at night

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Some people say the game is great
Others talk about how trash it is
But i think that deep down we all know
That Epstein didn't kill himself

Been watching about the first 2 hours of the game and it does look really unique. Just the creepy aspect of it does make me want to check it out.

Didn't know this was the discussion thread or I would have posted sooner.

Holy fucking shit this intro is amazing so far.

Very early spoiler for cutscene after first mission clear.

OMG seeing the body disposal guy try to shoot himself in the head and then proceed to stab himself over and over again to avoid letting the monster get him first.

Not really a spoiler but a discussion of mechanics: The mission completion screen seems to reward fast playtimes over slow ones, correct? Is it that way for distance travelled as well? I noticed I got no reward for my distance or my playtime, but I went slow as heck and looked around a lot (and peed). Total time was 1 hour 5 minutes for that mission and distance was over 2000m.

From movie games with poor mechanics to a walking sim, real creative genius.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Maybe when showing spoilers we should include the earliest chapter that people playing can safely read the message.

So far the story has been really fascinating and the game is feeling like a 90+, but obviously three hours is not enough time to tell yet in this massive game. So far so good. And I'm still playing :P