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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Went Wrong? Wii U Edition

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Why did the Wii U failed?

Poor Marketing 15 23.44%
Outdated Hardware 7 10.94%
Lack of First Party Killer Apps 6 9.38%
Lack of 3rd Party support 0 0%
The tablet controller 6 9.38%
The Price 0 0%
All of the above 27 42.19%
None of the above 0 0%
The Wii killed the Wii U! 1 1.56%
WTH! The Wii U was a success! 2 3.13%

The price, power, marketing, and lack of killer apps a all extensions of the real problem: controller. The controller is where all the extra cost went. All in all, it simply wasn't a compelling offer. You can't have a killer app on a console that is simply not appealing. Mario Kart 8 would have been a killer app.

You also can't say it didn't have third party support either. The games were there. The problem is no one wanted to play those games on the Wii U. The Wii U was so terrible that Nintendo would have been more successful supporting the Wii until the Switch's release.

One thing the poll gets wrong though: the controller ISN'T a tablet. This is what a tablet looks like:

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It's neither portable, nor the Wii, that's where the problems started.

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I would also like to (further) note just how bad the Gamepad was. Not only was it expensive and offered little to no gameplay improvements, the range was garage as well. I couldn't take it more than 50 feet from my console. Just a stupid, stupid controller. Worst ever crafted by a mainstream console.

If it was called "Wii 2" it would've sold double the units :P

I cannot quote on my iPad, but jumpin and rolstoppable covered most of the points. From the day of the revel you could see that Nintendo had rejected the exact premise of simplifying the controller and gaming in general that made the Wii a hit. How can you blame da casuals when the system wasn’t even made for them?

One thing I would like to add is, Nintendo made a terrible misstep relying on third parties to launch the system. There were actually about thirty nine games between launch and Christmas, of which just two were from Nintendo. Then in the next six months or so all Nintendo had to show for itself was Luigi remake of nsmbu, a Wario mini game compilation, and eventually a very late pikmin 3. You cannot get away with a first year that looks like that.

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Marketing and the name. Most people I've talked to even to this day, still have no idea the Wii U was a brand new console and are always surprised when I tell them.

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Scary4Eva said:
Marketing and the name. Most people I've talked to even to this day, still have no idea the Wii U was a brand new console and are always surprised when I tell them.

The name certainly was a  big hurdle to overcome. Especially for the majority of Wii's audience.

Short list it things they did right:

- External HDD support on day one.

- Miiverse was an amazing social experience. They policed it too hard, though.

- Gamepad really did add to a lot of games. Just not enough. Playing Batman Arkham City with a constant map and inventory was fantastic. It felt good in my hands, too. Can't imagine playing Pikmin 3 without my Wii Remote/Game Pad combo.

- Great web browser. Still use it to this day. TO THIS DAY.

-Eventually built a good enough library if exclusives. SM3D World and Pikmin 3 will forever be on my playlist.

-Full backwards compatibility with the Wii and its peripherals.

-Free (though it sucked) online.

That's about it.

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d21lewis said:

-Free (though it sucked) online.

Ehh... It sucked, but not much more than the Switch's does.

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You said in your article that poor hardware specs killed the Wii U but that also made the Wii a hit. If anything we have learned that games and price its what really gets a console going. But more importantly, the biggest mistake (IMO) that Nintendo did with Wii U was the name. It was just too confusing and potentially made it sound like it was just an updated overpriced Wii. The system needed a new name like previous Nintendo consoles to install it as a different new console.