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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Second favourite of the "big 3"


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Nintendo fan, Sony are my #2 27 34.62%
Nintendo fan, Xbox are my #2 16 20.51%
Sony fan, Nintendo are my #2 25 32.05%
Sony fan, Xbox are my #2 4 5.13%
Xbox fan, Nintendo are my #2 5 6.41%
Xbox fan, Sony are my #2 1 1.28%

#1 Sony
#2 Microsoft

The Xbox 360 is probably my favourite console of all time, so not too hard of a decision. To me they've went down hill a lot since then which is a bit of a shame, but still if Sony weren't around anymore they'd definitely be my 2nd choice.

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Nintendo, then Sony.

Nintendo because well, they have Zelda. The rest is (very good) icing on the cake. Then it’s been Sony for most generations next to Nintendo because they have the best content. It’s not about the company, I don’t care about them or what they do personally, or about the hardware and the features or extra applications (most of which I have dumped into a “Trash” folder on my PS4), it’s about the games.

Sony fan. Second choice is Microsoft, which is basically just an inferior Sony at this point, they're very samey on the whole but MS lacks the games. Nintendo stuff just isn't my style at all, although I have nothing against them as such.

Sony Fan, Nintendo second, MS somewhere way below.

Nintendo fan. Second would be Sony because it has some exclusives I'm interested in. Microsoft has none,

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Sony fan, Nintendo second.

I'm a Nintendo fan since about 12 years. My second choice is PC, they have the biggest amount of games I am interested in. All these sweet indies. While Nintendo pretty well covers japanese AA and A, the PC covers all the variety the indie scene has to offer. Switch also gets a lot of these indies.

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You mean my second least hated? Probably Playstation.

Good thing there is no need to choose between any of the big 3 because PC and mobile are perfectly adequate to satisfy most of my gaming needs.

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Nintendo fan, and second is Microsoft's Xbox. Why? Cause they make games for the Switch too ;)

Nintendo is number 1, and as much as i dislike the Sony-fanboys i still prefer Playstation to xbox