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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Second favourite of the "big 3"


Cast your vote!

Nintendo fan, Sony are my #2 27 34.62%
Nintendo fan, Xbox are my #2 16 20.51%
Sony fan, Nintendo are my #2 25 32.05%
Sony fan, Xbox are my #2 4 5.13%
Xbox fan, Nintendo are my #2 5 6.41%
Xbox fan, Sony are my #2 1 1.28%

Went with "Nintendo fan, Sony are my #2".

I don't really care for Playstation or XBox since one console is more than enough for me, but I'm quite happy with my Sony headphones.

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Sony isn't truly my #2, but considering that I don't play XBox at all and that I loved the PS1 and PS2 eras they'll get my vote. the way, cool thread idea Curl.  Great way to gauge fanbases around here.  It's been a while since we did a show of hands.  

Over the long haul I like both Sony and Nintendo about the same.  Right now, I really like Switch and don't care for PS4, so I voted "Nintendo, then Sony".  But the truth is that most of the games I've played this year have been old PS1/PS2 games.  I really like both companies and their consoles a lot.  But based on their latest offerings I've got to give Nintendo the lead for the moment.

The same as some other people in this thread. Probably play more on Xbox but still would put Nintendo above it as Nintendo in my opinion is the only company out of big three which really have system selling first party software. I would never buy Sony or MS console for first parties, but will do it in case of Nintendo. So
Nintendo 1st
Xbox 2nd

P.S. Poll results were pretty much expected


I've always played on PC with Nintendo as my second.

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Mainly play on Nintendo. MS is my second favorite mostly due to having horrible experiences with Sony's customer service department

Nintendo, I choose Sony.

Sony first and Nintendo Second. I started gaming with Playstation and most of my gaming has been on PS consoles. I have owned/borrowed a few Nintendo systems. I'm actually considering buying a Switch at the moment.

As for Microsoft they don't have a lot that interests me. They're a company whose focus is mostly multiplayer and I've always been more of a Single-player type of guy. Although I did enjoy the Halo games.

Xbox fan, 2nd is Nintendo.

The first console I've ever owned was a Nintendo Entertainment System. I've grown up with them and I was raised in their style of gaming. For that reason, they'll always be my number one no matter what they do.

Second is Microsoft. During the 7th gen, they packed the Xbox 360 with so many features that were just brand new to me. I've always loved gaming but I also always liked the idea of a console being more than just a games machine--whether it was taking pictures with a psp or watching movies on a PS2. Xbox was the king of bonus stuff and even now is probably my most played machine.

Third is Sony. Part of my still holds a grudge because of how badly they trounced the N64. Still, in 1997 I had no choice but to switch sides and become a PlayStation fan. They revolutionized what gaming could be and their cinematic experiences always touch me. Plus the PSVR is a glimpse into the future of gaming. If the PS4/PS4 Pro still offered better 3rd party experiences than Xbox, it would be really hard to justify having an Xbox One (or four) in my home right now.

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