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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favorite console from each of the big 3 and why?

Sony - PS2.
The best console of all time. The library is just insane, so many great games from all genres. Plus backwards compatibility and dvd player as a bonus. It sortadestroys every other Playstation console, even the PS1.

Microsoft - Xbox 360
Great library of games. Xbox Live really was a significant push for online gaming. XBLA did a lot for the indie scene.

Nintendo - The Switch
It's hybrid nature makes it really versatile,taking it on the go is a huge plus. Great library of games, especially from the first party.

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Sony: PS1 overall. Even though the PS2, PS3 and PS4 introduced me to a much wider variety of games, the PS1 has Squaresoft's masterpieces and I feel like I can always go back and thoroughly enjoy those more than any other set of games on any console as time marches on and leaves other games behind that rely much more on graphics and controller ergonomics.

Nintendo: SNES. Legendary games like LTTP, Super Metroid, SMRPG, Chrono Trigger and lots of other quick and easy to play arcade games and great mario platformers make this a shoe in.

Xbox: 360. No contest. It has the overall best MS exclusives as well as some decent Japanese support.

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Chris Hu said:

Yeah I'm pretty sure that what you said about the PS4 isn't true with all the games they added via backwards compatibility the X1 has just as many games available as the PS4.  The console that could play the most games was more then likely a early PS3 with full backwards compatibility since it  could play all PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

Have you factored in the PlayStation Store? I mean thanks largely to independently-developed games, new games are getting released at a MUCH faster pace than ever before today, and, of the home consoles that have been released to date, I'm pretty sure the PlayStation 4 has the largest overall library of these (even though the Switch is moving fast to catch up). Combined with nearly six years worth of AAA releases (which is also a category the PS4 has led in overall for this generation), I think you can see my math here.

SNES (Nintendo): I guess I was just the right age. I started gaming on the NES and Atari but with the SNES, the graphics and audio were finally of a quality to make me feel genuine emotions while gaming.

PS2 (Sony): The library was just incredible. You couldn't find enough time to play all of the amazing software that was always coming out. This was also the system where I felt Sony began relying on themselves rather than third parties and started pumping out some true classics.

Xbox 360 (Microsoft): It just felt like something from the future. A lot of features weren't new but they were new to me! It's sole the reason I even got internet at my house. Downloading games, trailers, demos, and add ons. Earning Achievements and chatting with friends. Online gaming and watching Netflix. I was in awe. It was the future my younger self could never even imagine and it was right in front of me. The library was pretty epic, too.

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Nintendo: Gamecube, with N64 not far behind. We'll see what happens over the next few years with Switch.

PlayStation: PS4 > PS1 > PS2 > PSP > PS3 > Vita

Xbox: 360 > OG > XBO

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Nintendo    N64   goldeneye, banjoe, mario64, OOT.   Gamecube close with so many great games,  eternal darkness, Mario sunshine, dinosaur planet, Metroid prime, zelda

Sony          PS2  greatest of all time!!!

Microsoft    X360 

Sega          dreamcast


Nintendo: Super NES, because it introduced me to so many great IPs.

Sony: PS1, because it showed me that there can be great systems that aren't by Nintendo.

Microsoft: Xbox One, because it brought back Killer Instinct and gave me Rare Replay.

Only doing home consoles:

Sony - Playstation. I know the 3D gaming transition was tough but there are some games that were so great that I cannot help but hold that console is high regard. The RPG titles, Crash, and Spyro are some examples of games (genres) that aged well and are still playable today. I really enjoyed this console.

Microsoft - 360. While I do not enjoy much from Microsoft, the Call of Duty and Halo days of the 360 were glorious. I have many fond memories from that console and that whole generation of gaming. That was my favorite generation of gaming ever.

Nintendo - Wii. It was exactly what I needed from gaming at that time. Inexpensive, innovative controls that shirked dual analog, creative content, lots of content, and online gaming for Nintendo. When people bash Wii, it very much disappoints me since the console became successful for all the right reasons.

Sega - Saturn. This console will always hold a very special place in my heart if only for the seemingly arcade perfect ports of so many titles. Saturn also holds my favorite traditional controller of all time: NiGHTs controller. The Dreamcast controller failed me specifically because it lacked the two additional buttons on the face of the controller. The NiGHTs controller was perfect for fighting games, 3D games, and the pad was even strong for platform titles. If Saturn had more support and some of the great games like X-Men VS. Street Fighter came stateside, it would have put up a fight as my favorite console of all time.

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Nintendo: NES. It's the console that i spent rainy days and such playing, as a kid.

Sony: PS2. It just had so many great games, it was THE console to own that gen, for sure.

Microsoft: OG Xbox. KOTOR AND Halo 1. It is also the only MS console that i've owned.

My favorite systems from all 3.. hmmm...from Nintendo, I will actually say that the switch is my favorite, I love the thing.

For Microsoft, it is EASILY the xbox 360, my favorite of that generation, and my favorite generation of all time too, I loved that it lasted almost ten years. I wish this generation would too, but it's not going to, oh well.

For Sony, I'll have to go with the ps3, for the same reason as the 360. Lots of awesome games, and such a long life for a generation. Just an amazing generation it was.