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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is it true only Diehards bought the Wii U?


Diehards did you buy the WII U?

Yes 27 55.10%
No 22 44.90%

I already skipped the Wii because of forced motion control. I skipped the Wii U in the beginning, because the first games were also focused on motion control or used the gamepad in a way I wasn't interested. Then Nintendo changed their focus to core gamers with Tropical Freeze, 3D World, Bayonetta, Xenoblade and Mario Maker. I played these games at a friend of mine who had a Wii U and I would have bought this console if it would have been possible to transfer game save files. But the save files are locked to the console. Thanks Nintendo. I skipped this console and bought the Switch and waited for ports which luckily happened for the most part.

I only had a SNES and Gamecube before. I skipped the N64 because of PlayStation 1 which had more games I was interested in. So I think I'm not a die hard Nintendo fan. Nintendo really f*cked up many things with Wii U which made it pretty unappealing for average gamers.

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manuel said:


I bought one and I die very easily.

Are you sure? How often did you try?

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I would say most of the WiiU buyers were diehards Nintendo fans or fellow console gamers that buy all HW. And also that it done so bad because not even all Nintendo diehard fans that buy consoles bought WiiU.

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If only Nintendo was able to get the price down to $199 per unit a couple of years in. I'm sure would have done much better then. I know I would have bought one if it has gotten to that price.

I bought one but I am not a die-hard Nintendo fan.

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Wii U is amazing. Limited library, but some really good stuff. Wind Waker HD, MK8, smash, captain toad, color splash, bayo 2, Pikmin 2, 3D World and a few others.

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A friend from my job bought it also for his 6 year old girl and his 8 year old boy in 2014, my neighbour bought it for his 4 and 5 year old kids in 2016 but they were a bit to young.

I love Nintendo, but I fell into the "I thought Wii U was an expansion to the Wii" category. Bad marketing, I guess.

I also bought one and I certainly am not a Nintendo diehard... so, also no...

Yes it is true. Bruce Willis bought 14 million Wii U