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I bought mine about a year after release. I loved it, the two screen gaming was a great idea, and the off TV play, and I really liked Miiverse (RIP).

It was hard at the time seeing it doing so badly, but it did band us Nintendo fans together and meant I played games I wouldn't normally as there were so few releases. I thought it was a great concept, perhaps not executed as well as it could have been.

Really pleased the switch is doing well, a natural evolution of the Wii U concept.

The Wii U concept was dual screen asymmetrical gameplay and focused on “you” instead of “we.” - only one player got to play the main experience on the Gamepad.

It was a home console where you controlled games on the TV with a controller that features a screen: not only is this not what the Switch is, but the Switch is incapable of this feature.

The Switch is a hybrid between an HD Wii and a handheld bringing back the social element and creative styles of games that were somewhat lacking on Wii U. Back to an equal and more social focus, sleek hardware, and slick gameplay. Nintendo is clearly aiming to recapture that party-console magic the Wii had + portability, it’s in their advertisements.

Basically, like the Wii, the Switch uses joycons (upgrades of the Wii Remotes) and pro-controllers (upgrades of the classic controllers) while in console mode, and otherwise in handheld mode plays like a high end handheld (with a touch screen, though without the dual screen of the DS). But (as mentioned) lacks the Wii U style of controlling a game on the TV with a screen based controller.

Now they’re expanding into different form factors starting this year with a handheld version of the Switch platform. But they have yet to do anything that follows the Wii U concept of a screen-based controller for home console gameplay.

I think Switch has really begun to be mostly its own thing at this point. The hybrid/multi-form factor console.

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