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Forums - PC Discussion - What Gaming Platforms do you use on PC?

After you bought or built a fancy new computer to play games, you'll need software to play them with. PC is a unique beast. It's open nature due to a lack of a strict platform holder, allows several companies to provide a variety of digital platforms on top of it. Each has their own storefronts, interfaces, features, and even sometimes controllers and hardware to go with it. When it comes to these, which gaming platform do you primarily do your PC gaming on? Typically, I've stuck with Steam for the longest time, and occasionally dabbled into the Native Windows 10/Xbox area. I have Origin and Uplay, but honestly, I barely play anything on those places. One platform I recently picked up though was something called Itch. It's a service focused entirely on indie games, many of which are free with voluntary "name your price" options.

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Only Steam so far.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

Don't play too much on PC, but I did buy a game from GOG a couple months ago and loved everything about it. You download it, you install it in some folder, there it is. It's just files. No service, no nothing. So from now on I'm always buying from GOG when available, otherwise, well, it is Steam.

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Steam, GOG, UPlay, and Xbox

I mainly use Steam, but I'd rather use GOG since it's DRM free. When a game I want is on GOG and Steam I will always go for the GOG version. GOG has a lot of older PC games that Steam doesn't have and works on modern OS. Diablo and Warcrafts 1+2 got re-released on GOG. Fallout New Vegas is on GOG and Steam, but the GOG version runs better since it works on modern OS (Steam and GOG reviews point this out). 

UPlay I only have cause I got Assassin's Creed Unity and Odyssey for free.

Xbox I have cause I got Phantom Dust Remaster and Cuphead on it, but since Microsoft is looking to put their games on Steam and possibly GOG I'll probably get rid of it.

I use Steam cause it's Steam.

I might give Discord Nitro a try in the future, but not now.

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Sogreblute said:

Xbox I have cause I got Phantom Dust Remaster and Cuphead on it, but since Microsoft is looking to put their games on Steam and possibly GOG I'll probably get rid of it.

Microsoft throws a few bones to Steam currently, but most of their titles are Xbox Exclusive for the time being.

Steam,, Origin, and GOG mainly. My brother in laws use EGS, but I refuse lol

I have accounts for Stream, GOG, Epic, Uplay, Origin, Oculus, and Vive but my first choice is Windows/Xbox Store.

I pretty much only use PC for Microsoft 1st Party games, and the rare VR stuff that doesn't come to PSVR. In the case that a game is a 3rd party game stands out on PC and is also available on Windows/Xbox Store, then I will pick it up on PC.

If all games came to the Windows/Xbox Store, I woould have a lot more interest in PC gaming. Xbox Live and Xbox Achievements hold a lot of weight in my desicion to play a game on PC vs PlayStation. If I can play a game on PC with XBL and XBA, there is a chance I will buy it. If there is no support for XBL and XBA, I will not touch a game on PC.

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Steam, GoG, Origin and

The other clients out there I've no desire to use, mostly due to either lacking in features, games, or simply making deals with EGS.

Still not sure about MS's Xbox app, because so far it still seems to just be pushing Gamepass, and I've zero desire for Gamepass. I want that app to be more like GoG/Steam. That said, I am greatly looking forward to GoG Galaxy 2.0.

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Steam, GOG, PS Now and PlayOnline. Remote Play too, if that counts.

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