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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Game Are You Best At?

Mbolibombo said:
Machina said:

Some cool accomplishments there. Second place at a Dreamhack Dota tournament back in 2004-2006 means you must've met, play against, and beaten what became some of the most successful esports pros in the world.

I'm sure I did, but I never really followed the DOTA scene after that so I dont know. I do know I played some of the absolute best players in the world in BW and WC3 for many years though. I practiced a lot with AT-Intox for instance the months before he Won CPL, Elky, Saft, MadFrog, Everlast and many others of the best BW/Early WC3 players aswell.

Any of these Dota names bring back memories?

I'm a big fan of the Dota 2 pro scene, especially KuroKy.

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NES Tetris! I've gotten 6 maxouts so far.

I suck at most games I play. I don't have quick trigger reflexes and I don't put the time to learn tactics in slower competitive games.


I'm really good at Mario & Luigi games.

I got S+ in Splatoon, once.

Any RPG I get into.
Any "Kart" game I get into (MK8 and CTR nowadays)
I used to be pretty good at WOW but it had so many players during the BC and WOTLK expansions that its hard to stand out.
Ragnarok Online back in the day, but only because I had the Ghostring and GTB cards and once you get those you are pretty much set up for all the woes.

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I’m best at games that let me cheat...

Signalstar said:

We've all played many different games over the year. Games are all about skill. Naturally we are better at some games than others but which game are you absolutely best at? It could be multiplayer or singleplayer? A game you know so intimately that you consider yourself a pro.

I'm really good at RPG's (I always finish them, to the bitter end), puzzle games (Provided I am given proper time, I hate being rushed) and I have my fair share of platformers on which I used to excel, not sure that I still do as I don't play much of those games these days.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

Halo. Reach, specifically. I was a monster. I've never played anyone local and lost. Online, even though my stats don't reflect it because I would put my controller down and walk away out of boredom, I was disgusting. Next would be No Mercy for 64. Those 2 were my bread and butter.
I can hold my own in DoA (2-6) but I need to hone my skills.
Right now, I'm trying to get good at Mario Maker 2. I would love to make some money on YouTube. I can do most kaizo tricks but again, I need to hone my skills.

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?


Maybe Dark Souls 3