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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Game Are You Best At?

The original Goldeneye mp. I got so good that I would not try to get the golden gun and still beat everyone else with the standard PPK handgun. Always got the "deadliest one" rank after each match.

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The waiting game.

On a serious note I don't know what game I'm best at. Just some that I'm much better at than most: Wipeout HD on PS3. I got the zone zeus supersonic trophy. I was killing it in KZ2 and Resistance 2 10 years ago in the multiplayer. Far better than most at Melee.

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Starcraft: Brood War.

But I'm nowhere near pro-level or even C-


I suck at every game, but I like them anyway!
Well, I'm almost decent at War Robots, but alas its scoring system sucks and punishes players that give up some damage on enemies to capture beacons, but rewards goddamn sheepfuckin' inbred morons that can't read a single line of instructions, and just shoot, staying on top of the team rankings, but making the team lose the fight.

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-Donkey Kong Country

-Mario Kart


-Super Smash Bros.

-Super Metroid

-Star Fox 64

-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

-Splatoon 2

I'm not saying I'm THE best at these games, I'm just very good at them.

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Hack n Slash games like God of war, devil man cry, etc and Fighting games Street Fighter, FighterZ, Guilty Gear

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RTS, FPS and RPG are my strong points, but Racing and some other genres I'm not really that good at, but still play regardless (except sports).



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CaptainExplosion said:

-Super Smash Bros.
-Super Metroid
-Star Fox 64

I'm not saying I'm THE best at these games, I'm just very good at them.

This sounds like a competition.

Tomb Raider 2 I guess. I can breeze through it quite easily, pistols only, no medipacks, all kills/secrets/pick ups. There are still a few tricky sections though. There are some players who go for 'scratchless' runs (take no avoidable damage), not sure I could manage that.