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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch - Best online/multi-console multiplayer games?

My daughter (7yo) has been recently starting to play my Switch more and more (currently Yoshi's Crafted World and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee), resulting in me being forced to share mine.

So I bought a second.

Now, I'm looking to capitalize on the fact that I own two and buy a few games twice so we can play together on our separate consoles. My son (5yo) is rather fond of Minecraft, so I've already picked up a second copy of that (and I have it on Win10 too, so if BOTH kids want to play, I can still join em if necessary). 

I plan on, of course, also getting Pokemon Sword and Shield. I never fully finished Let's Go Eevee, so I'm not really planning on getting Pikachu too, but you never know.

What other games excel with two consoles, as opposed to purely local multi? I assume Stardew is probably up there. Best to go with games that are kid-friendly buuuuuut suggest what you will!

Pokemon Sword/Shield
Pokemon Let's Go
Stardew Valley


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You mean for your kids? Mario Kart.

thetonestarr said:

Pokemon Sword/Shield
Pokemon Let's Go
Stardew Valley

Games that a that your kids can play together (5 & 7) online?

Basically only minecraft on that list is suited for that (imo).
Like mentioned above (by wyrdness) Mario Kart is another option.

That said not sure how easy to use online + play together is on the switch, esp for kids.
Might be easier to just play games split screen, local multiplayer, and hand them each a controller.

Super Mario Maker 2, Splatoon 2 and ARMS are all worth considering, if your kids like Nintendo games in general.

Mario Kart, I feel, is plenty good enough with exclusively local splitscreen, especially at its price point. I've considered it but will probably hold out for MK9 to go double.

ARMS I've considered, but I don't have it so was uncertain. It's at a decent price used, so it might be worth picking up two copies.

@JRPGfan - It's not just about them playing the games together, it's also about me playing with them. The point is just games that can be played together with two consoles, but preferably are family-friendly, because even though they're young, they'll also grow into them. Plus, I'm not sure where you're getting that the Pokemon titles aren't good for it... Pokemon in general is one of the best franchises out there for that, and Sword/Shield is going to have raid battles to further increase the interactive play potential. If it's a question of whether they'd be capable of playing them, I guess you're just inexperienced with young children, because my kids are by no means the most advanced gamer kids I know and still have no problems.


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As someone who is in your position:

1. Mario Kart - this game is fun to play with the kids AND also with co-workers, assuming they are gamers. I have hundreds of hours of Mario Kart 8, and most of that is probably lunch time with co-workers where we played mostly every day for about a year and a half and still play frequently. Kids also love Mario Kart.

My wife isn’t a gamer in the traditional sense (play things that are move around and shoot everyone you see). But she plays games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, and kids tend to like these as well; and creative adults. Although, while my kids played a lot of the last Animal Crossing, they didn’t get into Stardew Valley nearly as much as their parents =)

The Let’s Go Pokemon games work, although the efficiencies added to the gameplay might make them think of other Pokémon games as too slow/grindy... I can't for certain say this, it is mostly about how I feel and some I have spoken with (who admittedly may just be agreeing because I said it).

But either way, MARIO KART, this is the best local multiplayer game. Especially since playtimes can vary, unlike games like Stardew Valley which I find tend to always be longplays.

I hope Nintendo gets games like Don’t Starve Together.

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Rocket League is a great game which isn't too serious, it does have quite a few offerings of micro transactions and loot box mechanics but at least the crates can be turned off in the menu, but it's very easy to put two people together on a team and have them play in either 3v3 online or else to go into hectic 5v5 matches so there will be 3 others on their team driving around so they can learn the ropes.

Very cool game, I've clocked up around 200 hours in the Switch game (just make sure and go into the video options and change it to performance over quality, that way it's 60fps locked and you just lose some grass and shadows)

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