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My daughter (7yo) has been recently starting to play my Switch more and more (currently Yoshi's Crafted World and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee), resulting in me being forced to share mine.

So I bought a second.

Now, I'm looking to capitalize on the fact that I own two and buy a few games twice so we can play together on our separate consoles. My son (5yo) is rather fond of Minecraft, so I've already picked up a second copy of that (and I have it on Win10 too, so if BOTH kids want to play, I can still join em if necessary). 

I plan on, of course, also getting Pokemon Sword and Shield. I never fully finished Let's Go Eevee, so I'm not really planning on getting Pikachu too, but you never know.

What other games excel with two consoles, as opposed to purely local multi? I assume Stardew is probably up there. Best to go with games that are kid-friendly buuuuuut suggest what you will!

Pokemon Sword/Shield
Pokemon Let's Go
Stardew Valley