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As someone who is in your position:

1. Mario Kart - this game is fun to play with the kids AND also with co-workers, assuming they are gamers. I have hundreds of hours of Mario Kart 8, and most of that is probably lunch time with co-workers where we played mostly every day for about a year and a half and still play frequently. Kids also love Mario Kart.

My wife isn’t a gamer in the traditional sense (play things that are move around and shoot everyone you see). But she plays games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, and kids tend to like these as well; and creative adults. Although, while my kids played a lot of the last Animal Crossing, they didn’t get into Stardew Valley nearly as much as their parents =)

The Let’s Go Pokemon games work, although the efficiencies added to the gameplay might make them think of other Pokémon games as too slow/grindy... I can't for certain say this, it is mostly about how I feel and some I have spoken with (who admittedly may just be agreeing because I said it).

But either way, MARIO KART, this is the best local multiplayer game. Especially since playtimes can vary, unlike games like Stardew Valley which I find tend to always be longplays.

I hope Nintendo gets games like Don’t Starve Together.

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