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Is Attack on Titan one of the best animes ?

Yes 23 41.82%
No 32 58.18%
Super_Boom said:
Season 3 Part 2 was very well done, as someone who reads the manga and loved that particular arc, I can see why anime fans were so hyped about it. The fights were excellent, the consequences felt natural without the usual BS in this genre, and the titan origin reveal was very well done, making use of foreshadowing throughout the story without feeling too obvious either. There are a lot of manga adaptations I watch where I find myself critiquing the adaptation in my head over and over, and thinking "Would I enjoy this more if I didn't read the manga?" With Attack on Titan, I don't think that thought ever crossed my's basically an ideal adaptation for anyone who enjoys the source material.

Not sure if I'd put it in my all time favorites list though...I have various issues with the overall package that makes it hard to compartmentalize one 10 episode span of time. The side cast is treated kinda poorly, the plot can move pretty slowly, some twists are handled kind of awkwardly, and because the author doesn't make use of facial faults, some scenes intended as jokes feel more uncomfortable than funny. Overall though, I can certainly see why a show like this would make waves like it did, and I would say it definitely deserves the success its seen. Just hope the final arc is handled well now.

Agreed it was very very well done it surprised me so much and cemented itself as one of my top animes. 

Well hopefully the issues you had will be resolved in final season and i'm confident that it will be one for the history books.. maybe it will even end up on your favourite lists.;)

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It is one of the better ones, not sure if I say the best.

personally atm I prefer watching sports anime lol. Even though you know what will happen, same old story.



I'm completely addicted to it. Such a dark, twisted yet beautiful tale about the deep consequences of genocide and racism.

GuyDuke said:
I'm completely addicted to it. Such a dark, twisted yet beautiful tale about the deep consequences of genocide and racism.

Captain Levi ??? please go swim in the sea and relax you earned it. 😏

In a classic ABCDF ranking, AOT is about B+ or if you really like it, then maybe A-(being extremely generous).

It's an anime that got too much hype..

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It's great. First season was a good starting point, but for whatever reason, the second made me swear off it for awhile (can't remember what specifically). Watched season 3 on a whim, and part 1 was good enough to reinvigorate my interest to the point where I've never liked it more.

So glad the series is setting up it's finale for next year and not turning into one of those shows that just keeps going long after the narrative needed too for the sake of money.

Need to see if it sticks the landing before I put above FMA:B as GOT taught us...endings matter.

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I only watched the first episode, realized it was gonna be a sad boi ride and just finished rewatching Evangelion and needed a break. it's on my bucket list of anime I want to watch, but I think I'll binge it right before the final season comes out.

I love it. Some elements in the last 2 episodes of season 2 bugged me, but through 3 seasons overall, the results have been fantastic. Have S1 and S2 on blu-ray, and will buy season 3 to watch again when it's available.

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We talking about top 10? Or parhaps Top 100?

Top 100 for sure, but top 10? Nope.

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