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pkmnMasterWheeeIer said:
Here's one from me: 1TT-Y6H-QQF

My first level on Mario Maker 2, tried my hand at a more standard level, rather than the more puzzle like ones did in 1

Good job.  I may come back for some speed runs later.  

Asriel said:
I remade the first Moon Zone level from Super Mario Land 2 with some slight changes: Y9L KD2 JWF

I've only made two Mario Maker levels and this is my second.

I liked it.  There's enough challenge to make it interesting, but nothing frustrating.  That's basically what I want from Mario games.  

SuperRetroTurbo said:
MQ7C8NQ7G. It's hard.
I'm gonna start playing these levels in an hour or two. The lady wants to go out for a few. I'm gonna start from the first poster to the last. I'm giving my honest opinions so don't hold back on mine. That level isn't anything special, just a recreation from the 3DS. One of my first levels.

Holy shit!  Too hard for me, as for everyone else (apparently, since there are no clears).  With that said, I can appreciate a tough level.  Maybe I'll revisit some other time, when I feel like taking some punishment.  

mr_me450 said:
Be great if anyone wants to give this one a go. The goal is to reach then end in a Koopa Kart while avoiding various forms of death! Once you know the layout of the course it can be fun trying to speed run it; a few friends of mine have all had fun with it locally but so far no one’s tried it out online. In the words of Iwata, “Please, take look... *SNAP*”

Wow.  Tough.  

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p0isonparadise said:

Glad you guys liked my first course.

I've just completed my second course "The Fortress" in the 3D World style: W8B-C56-SYG

Interesting.  I think I like it.  There's a lot going on, but the level is short enough that it doesn't get too frustrating.  

RetroGamer94 said:

Hey Guys, Second level is complete and Uploaded! TFW-6PS-PCG . This is a fairly different then my first level. It’s a night themed mountain level from Super Mario World. It’s basically 3 levels in 1, it’s got 2 different sub worlds and man one is puzzle heavy. The one with the bombs is awesome, it’s going to be a main theme for a future level.

SuperRetroTurbo, since I can’t reply to you on my phone lol I’ll reply here thanks for the play through! I agree it could use more polish and I will be going back and making a sequel to it for sure!

I like it.  I can see that its needs a few more playthroughs though.  So, I've downloaded it to revisit later.  

SuperJortendo said:

I have three if anybody wants to try them out.




I think they're fair but hard

The first one was too hard for me at 3:30am.  Maybe I'll try it again soon.  

The second one.....  I can't get but 5-6 seconds into the level.  Too frustrating for me.  

Third one has been downloaded for play later.  I like it a lot, but it's just a little more than I can handle right now.  I can get to within eyesight of the finish....

cycycychris said:
I suck at being creative, so here's my first level. Icy jump


It's rather short and I'd describe as medium to easy difficultly

Fun level.  Good job!

siebensus4 said:
Underwater Bob-omb Pachinko!

Here's the new pachinko machine! Try it. ^^

Very creative.  I see that this level is getting some in-game love.  I'm glad to see you've been able to get some people to try it out.

TopCat8 said:
I finally made a second level. If you come across this post, please give it a try. "Mansion Mix-Up" is a SMW ghost house. This is my first attempt at any kind of puzzle stage, but hopefully it still feels like an actual Mario level.


I like it.  It took me a little while, but I was able to make it through for the first clear!  I think you brush right up against the line of too confusing, but you don't cross over it.  

RetroGamer94 said:
Hey guys, everyone keep up the good work! I’ve been enjoying playing all these levels(haven’t gotten around to all of them yet but majority!)

I was able to finish a third level between yesterday and today! K36-KFR-NJG
It’s a standard/short and sweet airship level. I wanted to make a more easy level for casual/new comers, direct without a ton of branching paths. I find that people either go death trap insane or there levels are disjointed with no clear design so I just wanted to do something simple

Again K36-KFR-NJG is my latest level!

Feels like proper Mario, like it could have been in one of the games.  Good job!

JWeinCom said:
My first stage. 7nr-vbk-vvg. I was aiming for semi-hard. Hopefully will take a couple of lives and then you'll get through it.

Pretty damn hard.  I'm the second clear, apparently.  I nearly quit a couple times.  I'd say this is just a bit too frustrating for me, though I can appreciate the originality.  

SuperJortendo said:
Luke888 said:
Journey at the Jungle Resort

ID: RJW-L71-37G

This didn't exist!

Fixed it!, I swapped a leter and a number by accident, the reareal ID is RJW-7L1-37G

Take a look at my other levels aswell:

Hammers N' Roses ID: 2YP-X1S-VPG

All Spinies have some roses ID: RDR-NCQ-RGF

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I really need to get back on Mario Maker 2, but Fire Emblem: Three Houses is pretty much taking all of my gaming hours.

Can someone here clarify what makes your Maker Points drop please? Because I'm getting mixed reactions. I keep track of the Clear Rate and Times Played and neither had changed but my Maker Points dropped by 1. How could it be a "boo," if no one played the level?

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?

I just uploaded a third course. It's supposed to feel like an actual Mario level, and shouldn't be too challenging for this community.

"Cave for the Brave" TVR-S4T-QKG

Add me on Xbox Live: TopCat8

I think I've played all of the courses listed here now. Overall they are way too hard for me. Some of them are pretty cool, though.

Add me on Xbox Live: TopCat8

TopCat8 said:
I think I've played all of the courses listed here now. Overall they are way too hard for me. Some of them are pretty cool, though.

Yesterday I saw you played one of mine, and liked it giving me my first like on a course. So thanks for that. It’s strange, on Mario Maker on WiiU I had a couple courses with 60+ Stars and a couple with 30+, with hundreds of plays, but with this it seems with Mario Maker 2 my levels are featured a lot less in endless challenge for some reason...