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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Bros 2 US (Doki Doki Panic) vs Mario Bros 2 JP (The Lost Levels)


I choose...

Mario Bros 2 US (Doki Doki Panic) 36 90.00%
Mario Bros 2 JP (The Lost Levels) 4 10.00%

For those who've played both, which do you prefer, and why?

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Doki Doki Panic is far far better. SMB2 was pointlessly difficult to the point of being devoid of fun. I've finished it before but I wasn't satisfied at all, Doki Doki Panic was actually enjoyable

Doki Doki Panic is better.

SMB2 was ok. But it was too hard, and there weren't enough new things in it. DDP was fresher, and more enjoyable.

SMB2 USA by far. Lost Levels adds basically nothing new to the series. It actively punishes players for exploring, is poorly paced, and basically feels like a mediocre fan hack. USA is actually a pretty good game.

Well, forgetting it is just a reskin of another game, I'd still choose Doki Doki because of it's unconventionnal and fun aspects ! I mean you had 4 playable characters !!

The Lost Levels on the other hand ... I actually do not have much memory of it ... but yeah, it just feels like what would basically be called a "DLC" nowadays.

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i was pretty syked to finally play lost levels. And I couldn[t bring myself to play it for more than a few minutes. Sometimes a reinvented wheel wins.

The overwhelming response in this thread should be that Nintendo made the right call when they released a different game than the actual sequel in America and Europe. From a business perspective, Super Mario Bros. was the major sales driver of the NES console, so it had to be followed up by a game that could keep the hype around Mario going. The Lost Levels didn't resonate well in Japan, so instead of making a whole new game, Nintendo reskinned an already existing game and sold it as the SMB sequel. This had the beneficial side effect of Subcon enemies being accepted as Super Mario lore and later on Shyguys became the standard enemy in Yoshi's Island which cemented their place in the larger Mario universe.

From a gamer perspective, Doki Doki Panic is easily the better game. It provides a whole new world on top of having a more reasonable difficulty level. The Lost Levels made hard difficulty a point and introduced two features that no player liked: The poisonous mushroom and warp zones that return the player to an earlier point in the game. SMB laid the groundwork for the sidescrolling 2D platformer genre, but The Lost Levels did hardly anything with it; aside from Mario and Luigi featuring different controls, it was just a harder interpretation of the first game. DDP allowed the player to go backwards in levels and had four different characters along with different mechanics overall. DDP was the proper SMB sequel despite not being a SMB game.

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SMB2(doki doki panic) is one of my favorite platformers of all time.

Japanese SMB2 was not fun to play. It lacked imagination. It felt like SMB DLC.

Doki Doki added a ton of characters and abilities to the lore. Plus it was graphically beautiful at the time. It was even fun to just watch someone else play.

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Typed a reply and then my phone crashed. I'll summarize'

Japanese SMB2 was just SMB DLC. It wasn't fun to play either.

Doki Doki added a ton to the lore. Moves, characters, abilities. It looked great. It was even fun to watch somebody else play.

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