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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why does E.A have issue with Nintendo still

KrspaceT said:

I am aware of the EA Origin thing. EA wanted Origin to be the operating system of Nintendo online. Nintendo said no. That is said to be the basis of issues between Nintendo and E.A, on top of any sales issues. 

Reputable source, please.

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EA is lazy and want the path of least resistance to money

Nothing to see here, move along

As. Switch owner, I think the only game I'd consider buying of theirs is Jedi Fallen Order. I have had origin on the PC for a couple years now (got it for cheap way back when) and have hardly touched all the free games I could play.

It's very common that people hire likeminded people, so the removal of one manager doesn't mean that their replacement will think much differently.

EA had fostered an anti-Nintendo corporate culture in the late 1980s and they have been consistent with it since the days of the NES. That's the reason why at E3 2011 both Nintendo and EA spoke of an unprecedented partnership because at that time EA announced that all of their games will come to the Wii U with no strings attached. All of that had fallen through only one year later at E3 2012, so it was the same old relationship where EA made unreasonable demands and Nintendo told them to get lost.

When you look at how both of those companies run their business, you'll notice that they couldn't be any more different. That makes them very incompatible.

1. EA buys up studios and runs them into the ground because their managers are shortsighted. Nintendo carefully cultivates development teams because their stance is that happy developers will produce better games.

2. EA nickels and dimes gamers at every opportunity and if an IP fails them because of those practices, they just turn around and double down on IPs where they get away with it. Nintendo reconsiders their stance if DLC approaches fail and adjusts them for the better in future games.

EA is looking for platform holders who grant them benefits as well as deliver the cattle to the slaughterhouse. Nintendo doesn't meet either criteria.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Why do you think they have an issue?

Isn't it more logical to assume that their games just don't sell enough on Nintendo consoles to be worth the extra time, effort and money that's required to port them?

FIFA and Skyrim sold about the same. Doom sold less. Still, look at Bethesda and their ports to the Switch and compare to EA. EA has FIFA (and the Legacy edition at that) and more independent stuff they publish: Unravel and Fe. Nobody thinks they port Battlefield, Anthem or Star Wars, but what about the Sims, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Dragon Age (Skyrim was also an older game), Madden, Boom Blox (why not), Spore or Plants vs. Zombies (again: why not).

I know, Switch fans love to pile hate on Capcom, but while some ports are crappy, Capcom ported over nearly their full catalogue. And they often sold a lot less than FIFA. Now you say: but FIFA sells more on other platforms. True, but who cares. Porting FIFA is not more expensive than porting Dragon's Dogma and it sold more, so it made money for EA. EA doesn't port stuff to Switch not because of sales, but because they don't want to. And they are big enough to get away with it. Capcom takes the money from cheap Switch-ports happily, to finance the next Resident Evil for PS5.

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EA doesn't like Nintendo and most Nintendo fans don't care about EA. It's that simple.

Player2 said:
mZuzek said:

I don't know, has the frog done something?

All the frog did was to carry the scorpion across the river because it asked the frog to do so.

Never heard of this story before, but it's 100% on point for the topic at hand and the Wii U.

Good thing that the frog learned from the past and crossed the river without the scorpion this time.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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Revenue on other platforms is what make they don't care much about having a relationship with Nintendo.

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Darwinianevolution said:
I'm honestly more annoyed they aren't bringing their old games, I want pretty much nothing that they do nowadays. I guess old games are more difficult to monetize according to EA's standards...

They didn't even bother putting anything on the Wii VC.  It wouldn't have made them a shitload of money but I even would have picked up a few of their 16 bit games.  Guess it's all or nothing these days.

I like that the majority of EAs support has been ports of games they only publish.
If not they would have been half assed jobs.

Player2 said:

Why did the scorpion stung the frog?

Good to see you around P2

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