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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How physical are you?


how physical are you?

0-10% 23 20.18%
11-20% 6 5.26%
21-30% 6 5.26%
31-40% 5 4.39%
41-50% 8 7.02%
51-60% 8 7.02%
61-70% 5 4.39%
71-80% 12 10.53%
81-90% 12 10.53%
91-100% 29 25.44%

I'm pretty much fully on board with digital. Given that I have a massive Steam/GOG library, with a possible Epic library in the future, I imagine my last 50 purchases were more than 90% digital. Hell, even Sekiro for the PC, which I bought the collector's edition for, was only a code in a case.

I also have no qualms with buying digital console games either.  My Switch library is probably 60% digital.  PS4 is probably about 40% digital.

However, I'm still VERY skeptical of streaming.

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Without counting i am going to estimate 60% physical vs 40% digital

I'm 100% digital since about 2015.

I might come back and actually count my ratios later but a rough estimate would be : 

PS4 : 60% physical

Switch : 30% physical

PC: 0% physical (duh!)

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If it is an epic single player experience or anthology, then I want it physical. I want the artwork and the experience of physically opening and entering the world. I also don't want lag or some other tech or service telling me when or where I can enter or return to that world. These are also bigger games usually, so saves storage space. (Witcher 3, Wolfenstein, Square RPGs, Tales series, Mario Odyssey, BoTW, GoW, Elder Scrolls, Doom, Crash Trilogy) 40% of games

I forgive MMO games for the fact that they are updated regularly to continue providing the same level of experience and due to the interaction of others. (FFXIV, Ragnorak, Guild Wars 2) 2% of games

If it is a multiplayer game that I want quick access to when with friends and don't want to be carrying 100 game cards, then I want it digital. (Mario Kart, Smash Bros, 12 Switch, Mario Party, Jackbox, Morphies Law, Mortal Kombat, Undercooked) 25% of games *though if it is a personally impactful game like Smash or Mario Kart, I'll buy both physical and digital to future proof. 10% of games

If it is a small game like most indie titles or platformers that I will likely switch to and from quickly, then I want it digital. (Shovel Knight, Mega Man 11, Stardew Valley) 33% of games

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Still almost exclusively physical. PC 100% digital, but 95% of all games I buy are for my consoles which I buy physical. All digital console stuff I buy are DLC or re-purchases of old games because of lack of physical backwards compatibility. If the next gen BC hype is to be believed those re-purchases should sharply decline.

This next gen may be the last 'physical' gen as some industry people have alluded, but that won't curb my almost exclusive purchase of the physical versions of games.

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I'm probably 90-95% physical, 5-10% digital. I only buy digital if the game is like $5-$7 or less on sale.

Always physical unless the game is digital only.

I buy all AA/AAA games physical, and all indies digital.

I don't count Steam, I have too much stuff on there.

For consoles the majority of games are physical, with smaller releases and indie games digital (also virtual console).