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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Witcher 3 and all expansions will be on the card out of the box!

Good guy CD Projekt Red.

I've never actually played one of their games, but they've certainly made a good name for themselves as consumer-friendly, between their DLC being like old school expansions, the standard edition of Cyberpunk being full of physical goodies, and now this. I definitely think I'll be getting Cyberpunk day 1 as a show of support and because they're offering an appealing product.

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3rd party devs need to take notes!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

wombat123 said:
animegaming said:
Also basically confirm it uses a 32GB cart.

Nintendo has to be eating a good chunk of the cost per cart because CD Projekt wouldn't be that nice to them.

Prices of Memory, including flash memory, are crashing down. I'm pretty sure a 32GB cartridge these days is cheaper to produce than a 16GB cartridge was during launch of the Switch.

For instance, you can get 256GB MicroSDXC for 30€ now. Just half a year ago, you would have payed 50€+ for that. 32GB MicroSDHC for less than 4€ now, 2 years ago, 16GB would still have been over 5€.

Metallox said:
burninmylight said:

Effort, care and pride.

And massive downgrades and audio compression. 

Please don't hit me, I want the game, but it's the truth :3 

True for graphics, on the other hand I think no one expected it to look like the PC/PS4 versions on switch.

Regarding audio compression I doubt that 98 % of people playing video/computer games actually have a set-up where uncompressed audio matters. Heck blind tests usually show that, at least with music, you can use pretty heavy audio compression (how heavy depends on compression algorithm) before you notice the sound being compressed (with some instances people prefering more heavily compressed files).

If it doesn't cost the double price of the PS4 version, I give it a try on Switch to support their efforts. I don't already have it because the main character is not appealing to me. On the other hand the locations and setting is quite nice. Is it completely offline or has it online functions?

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I already have it on ps4, but I might get it again for switch, this dev deserves the support.

Barozi said:
FloatingWaffles said:

this is literally THE port of ports at this point for Switch that should dispell all the bullshit people say about what it can or can't run 

a graphically intensive open world game that was already 30fps on other consoles and comes with all the DLC on one single cart without cheaping out and forcing you to download the rest of it

good fucking shit CD Project Red, I hope this game sells amazing on Switch just to reward them

this is truly making me question other third parties even more at this point, how the fuck has Activision not put a single Call of Duty on this damn thing

The Witcher 3 is not really open world though. It mainly consists of a couple of separate regions that have their own map.

To say that Witcher 3 is not open world is just nitpicking. 3 of the areas are big enough to e their own open world game themselves, and the other two are still pretty good sized. I hardly call hitting a loading screen like 5 times in a game as not open world. 

The fact that you can spend 30 some hours doing quests without having one loading screen, traversing the wilds and going to dozens of towns is open world to me. Having to load 5 areas in the game total is nothing.

John2290 said:
I... wh... how...

GOTY is only 55gb on PS4. The texture resolution has definitely been reduced which will save a ton of space, they may have also compressed audio more. I said they could get it down to 24-32gb if they wanted.

I am glad they are doing it. Hell I'd pay the extra $10 to help them offset the cost.

If Crapcom did it i would have owned all their games on Switch already



Wow, they are just throwing so much shame at third parties at this point