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Barozi said:
FloatingWaffles said:

this is literally THE port of ports at this point for Switch that should dispell all the bullshit people say about what it can or can't run 

a graphically intensive open world game that was already 30fps on other consoles and comes with all the DLC on one single cart without cheaping out and forcing you to download the rest of it

good fucking shit CD Project Red, I hope this game sells amazing on Switch just to reward them

this is truly making me question other third parties even more at this point, how the fuck has Activision not put a single Call of Duty on this damn thing

The Witcher 3 is not really open world though. It mainly consists of a couple of separate regions that have their own map.

To say that Witcher 3 is not open world is just nitpicking. 3 of the areas are big enough to e their own open world game themselves, and the other two are still pretty good sized. I hardly call hitting a loading screen like 5 times in a game as not open world. 

The fact that you can spend 30 some hours doing quests without having one loading screen, traversing the wilds and going to dozens of towns is open world to me. Having to load 5 areas in the game total is nothing.