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Forums - Gaming Discussion - XCloud or Stadia?


As a serious gamer, do you expect XCloud or Stadia to be more to your liking??

XCloud 18 46.15%
Stadia 2 5.13%
I still play text games over dial up 19 48.72%

So cloud gaming was just remote play?

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Which one comes with latency free VR?

Angelv577 said:
So cloud gaming was just remote play?

No, Microsoft allows people to choose between their own Xbox console as server (so basically the same as remote play) or using Microsoft's servers to stream games (therefore not requiring an Xbox console).

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RolStoppable said:
Angelv577 said:
So cloud gaming was just remote play?

No, Microsoft allows people to choose between their own Xbox console as server (so basically the same as remote play) or using Microsoft's servers to stream games (therefore not requiring an Xbox console).


Today's presentation was light on details.  But, from what little we do know about XCloud, it sounds much more appealing than Stadia, at least to me.  I'm cautiously optimistic.  

I'd like to hear more details about the remote play stuff. That is, in theory at least, very interesting to me. But, we really just got a tease for that today.

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Yes, I expect the thing that I almost know nothing about to be more to my liking than the thing I know absolutely nothing about. Then again, that thing that Bethesda does I almost know nothing about seems also very enticing.

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John2290 said:

best answear to this question :)

Between them I'd stick to XCloud.

Stadia is just the newbie.

It's not a PS1 newbie. Just a newbie so far.

But as a serious gamer. I'd stick to own the games I buy, not to get them by streaming.

VAMatt said:
Geralt99 said:
Playstation Now.
It is gamepass and xcolud in one.
It has the option to stream as well as download (PS4 games only) games to your system.
With nearly 800 games and $15 a month, its a great value. Also the yearly package is only $100 , and that makes it less than $10 a month.
I just dont get why people are writing off PS Now. Probably due to Sony not trying to make a big deal out of streaming, unlike its competitors.

I think people are writing PS Now off because it doesn't have current games.  In that sense, it's not like Gamepass or (presumably) XCloud at all.  It is not competing in the same space as the new streaming services.  At least, that's why I'm not interested in it.   

It's a just a matter of PS5 coming out for them fixing that.

sethnintendo said:
Barkley said:

People think it's tough being an Xbox fan on VGChartz, if anyone becomes a Stadia fan on here good luck. The hatred of cloud gaming is strong here, but regardless it's going to be successful. Stadia will have had at least 10m users by the end of 2020, and all these services are going to grow as time goes on. You can hate it all you want, but it's coming.

After 15 years Digital has almost overtaken Physical (Or already has by a long way including PC), and in another 15 years Cloud Gaming will do the same.

Yes the future is looking more and more like shit.  Thanks to people like you that bend over backwards and let companies fuck you in the ass.

Lol. That was a hell of a over reaction, isn't it?

God bless You.

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I feel like xcloud is going to be a way for Microsoft to get around the storage issues that come with switching to an ssd. SSD’s are crazy expensive and I very much doubt game sizes are going to go down, most likely they will almost double. So if Microsoft sticks a 1tb ssd in their console, it will hold what, 5-8 games? Juggling games on that thing is going to be super annoying and buying bigger storage options is going to be cost prohibitive for most people. I think most people will opt to just stream it instead of downloading it and having to constantly manage their storage space (Assuming streaming owned games is a feature of Xbox live/game pass and not some additional fee).

Phil Harrison just sat down with Geoff Kieghley, and revealed more info on Stadia.

-Online Multiplayer in Stadia is not locked behind a Paywall. Online Multiplayer on Stadia is FREE.
-Stadia will support Free 2 Play Games.
-Stadia will support Subscription Services from 3rd Party Publishers.
-Stadia hardware will be updated regulary, but no time tables are being talked about right now.
-Starting in 2020, players will be able to play Google Stadia on the Devices they want, with the Controllers they want, at absolutely no charge. Free to play will be Free, gamers will be able to subscribe to the 3rd Party Subscriptions they choose, Subscribe to Stadia Pro, or buy the Specific titles they want, and Stream for Free.

It may not be the thing for core gamers, but for the 100's of Millions of people with internet connections over 10Mbps, this is a serious option. This completely eliminates all barriers into Traditional Home Based, Controller and TV gaming.

Next year, anyone of the 100's of Millions of people with a SmartTV, Set Top Box, Streaming Stick, PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone, and a 10Mbps internet connection, will be able to play COD2020 against players on PS4/PS5/XBO/XB4/PC for $60 (Stadia + Devices Already Owned) vs $420 (PS4/XBO + XBLG/PS+ + COD) vs $620 (PS5/XB4 + XBLG/PS+ + COD) vs $1,000+ (PC + COD).

I see this as the day iPhone launched, and I said that Hendhelds need to offer Cellular features, or they will die. I honestly don't know how consoles compete with this. I think the damage core gamers have done to Gaming 1st Devices is already too great. Get ready to stream, or pay extremely high prices for the privilege to play locally. Just know, gamers brought down consoles and handhelds, we had the oppertunity to have Handhelds and Consoles in the same potision as Smartphones, Tablets, SmartTV's, and PC's, but most pushed back. Now gamers will get to pay for there choices.

See you on PC, Stadia, and other streaming services.

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