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Forums - Gaming Discussion - XCloud or Stadia?


As a serious gamer, do you expect XCloud or Stadia to be more to your liking??

XCloud 18 46.15%
Stadia 2 5.13%
I still play text games over dial up 19 48.72%
Geralt99 said:
Playstation Now.
It is gamepass and xcolud in one.
It has the option to stream as well as download (PS4 games only) games to your system.
With nearly 800 games and $15 a month, its a great value. Also the yearly package is only $100 , and that makes it less than $10 a month.
I just dont get why people are writing off PS Now. Probably due to Sony not trying to make a big deal out of streaming, unlike its competitors.

Lets talk about PSNow when Sony makes their new releases on it on day 1.

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Lets not talk then

None. Both will be crap.
Also Xbox game pass just got announced for pc. $5 A month and first month is $1.

Fuck streaming

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Gonna wait for MS E3 to decide

None. Both will be crap.
Also Xbox game pass just got announced for pc. $5 A month and first month is $1.

Fuck streaming

Cool bro, but there a public that play on mobile devices, have good internet, and don't give a shit about PC or console.

Plus a lot of people that like PC gaming but can't afford building it, but have a good internet can also be potential users of cloud platforms alongside mobile users i mentioned above.

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Depends entirely on pricing models. I'll probably use a mixture of both TBH.

PS Now

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Neither, please. Why do I want my single player games constantly hogging data? For a few of the games available on the monthly "service" I kinda get, but there is no appeal to "buying" a stream game to me. At least with Steam, you can download the title if Valve decides to stop carrying it. Google will literally have to pay to keep hosting any titles you purchase for them not to disappear on you forever.

Terrible proposition, in my opinion.

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Is it so hard to ask for a console that works without internet and that has complete games in shops on release date that doesn't use gimmicks like early access (at a premium) to relabel beta version of games, so by the time the final release comes out the early access people complained about all the bugs and they get fixed with a 1TB updates patch on day 1.