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Forums - Politics Discussion - Art shouldn't be free of politics or "neutral"

Art, whether it be Video Games, Music, TV Shows, Movies, Painiting etc.

Has ALWAYS had political influences.

People getting mad now are only getting mad when they disagree with the politics or they're finally old enough to realise the politics in them.

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Any act you do in this miserable planet is a political act. You do what you learned by your experience of growing up in a society, which is made of rules that are decided by "politics" to put it broadly. Everything you do, what you want to be, what you want to wear, who do you want to know, etc is a consequence of a way of life. So yeah, to say that art, which is pure human communication and expression should be free of politics is just 4chan angry edge or simply stupidity. It makes no sense.

The belief that everything is political has brought us such gems as "Super Mario Bros. is propaganda for communism." - Of course that was a satirical piece, but it highlighted how toxic it is to look for political messages in everything.

I think the point that the OP is trying to make is that hypocrites should shut up, but that point is getting buried under a message that tries its best to be non-offensive.

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ArchangelMadzz said:
Art, whether it be Video Games, Music, TV Shows, Movies, Painiting etc.

Has ALWAYS had political influences.

People getting mad now are only getting mad when they disagree with the politics or they're finally old enough to realise the politics in them.

What political influence did a game like Bloodborne have or Mario Kart. Not everything anyone made is influenced by politics. 

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I suppose in general terms, I agree, since any message the author or creator has in mind when creating his work is going to be political on some level, depending on how you define it. Even if you just define politics as strictly something more overt, the author/creator has every right to produce the work they want to produce.

That being said, when art is being produced with the intent of selling it as a product, it's important to take into account what the audience wants as well. An artist might have a certain message he wants to get across, but your customers aren't beholden to purchase the product just because the message exists. That should seem obvious...but its important to remember regardless.

Personally...I don't really have an issue with any kind of message in the media I consume, provided its incorporated naturally and the message doesn't feel heavy-handed and awkward to the point I feel the fourth wall outright crumbling.

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Indeed. I had this discussion pertaining to Ubisoft games recently:

"Good stories have meaning. Any media with anything meaningful to say is inherently political. Wanting to 'keep politics out of games' is essentially asking your games not to have meaningful stories. The Division 2's setting is inherently political, but Ubisoft's fear of openly saying anything that might upset people wastes an opportunity and results in a story no one will remember or care about. I fail to see how forgettable stories improve games."

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I think the problem isn’t wether games can be political or not, the problem is how.
Games like ff7 and odd world did politics very well, the problem today is that video game journalism today likes to give better scores to video games with sjw messages, so for developers use it as tool to increase their metacritic score, for better or worse ,today metacritic makes or breaks a game, so many companies have been including politics to raise their scores, not because it is an artist choice, there are exceptions off course.

I just want my games to tell the truth, if there is a political bias (especially left-wing), it ain't telling me any truth. Therefore it's fake, and the worse kind of propaganda.

I personally hated how BF5 added politics and a completely unreal revisionist approach to history and did not buy the game because of it. My grandfather fought in WW2. What they created is not political theory or expression, it's clear pandering and revisionist view of history. The idea that all games are political or rather relevant to modern political discussion is laughable. That's in addition to the fact that I personally don't consider video games art, because almost every game I have played in my life has writing equivalent to GOT season 8. That is if a story is existent at all, which many games don't even bother. Also, most of the popular games like GTA, Halo, COD, Counterstrike, NBA 2k, Madden are popular because of gameplay not story. I personally never liked any COD storyline although I can see why people prefer the earlier games. The older games were like GOT season 8 and the new games are like watching a comic book. /rant

An artist can make whatever he wants just like I can choose not to buy anything he makes. If you are in the Entertainment selling business putting politics in your games just pisses people off and lowers sales. When people say we do not want politics in games it means we don't want Propaganda games. Nazis being bad won't make anyone mad since everyone agrees they are bad. If we make a video game on a position of the refugee crisis then that is a problem since not everyone agrees what should be done.

Most people watch movies or play games to escape the real world. The last thing people want it to be reminded of it all the time. If I wanted politics I would watch the news. If someone made a game to just change my opinion on something I would just avoid the game. I want to be entertained not lectured on how to think.

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