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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which will release first, Metroid Prime 4 or Final Fantasy VII Remake (full game)?


Which one?

Metroid Prime 4 69 56.10%
Final Fantasy VII Remake 44 35.77%
Neither will ever release 10 8.13%

I had to laugh when I read the title.

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Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4 easy. By a couple years.

FF7 Remake might be an PS5 launch title.

Obviously Metroid Prime 4.

We won't see Final Fantasy VII Remake (the first installment that is, cuz remember - it's been confirmed to be episodic) until 2022 AT THE EARLIEST... Cuz once the PS5 lands, (just like the PS4 did in Versus XIII's development on PS3) Tetsuya Nomura, being the graphics perfectionist freakazoid that he is, will make the production team go through the game AGAIN on the PS5 hardware - just like he did with Versus XIII/FF15.

That's not a joke, and sure as metaphysical 100% certainty WILL happen. Graphic fidelity is EVERYTHING to that man, his reputation for being a graphics whore is infamous. I'm dead f***ing serious.

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If FFVII part 1 then maybe, but the the full game? Nope, not even close. Retro Studios don't have too much time to waste like Square

I'd say the first part of FFVII will come out before Metroid Prime 4, but the full game won't be out before Prime 4 is.

Well if we're taking about a full game, then Metroid Prime 4 will come out first. However, I sort of believe that Final Fantasy 7 won't be released in an episodic form, so that might be an unnecessary caveat anyways.

Someone actually voted 'neither will ever release'? Only one of these games is being developed by Square Enix guys.

mZuzek said:

Just making sure, you guys did see this, right?
(oh no I don't know how to embed tweets anymore)

Because reading through those job descriptions, it really does feel like Prime 4 is still a long, long way away. Maybe launch title for the next Nintendo console I'd say.

Even with that, can't see MP4 will be released after FFVII R full game. Release after part 1 and perhaps part 2 at best, but after the full game? Never