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How can we best improve VGChartz?

Better sales numbers 618 68.97%
More articles/news/reviews 57 6.36%
Better social features 11 1.23%
More GameDB features 10 1.12%
More customizations (aka VG$ Store) 3 0.33%
Better mobile experience 117 13.06%
General bug/design fixing 40 4.46%
More admin tranparency 15 1.67%
Other 25 2.79%

Better sales number. If possible ya'll should let us see hardware numbers from other countries like Canada, Mexico, and ROW countries.

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Multiplatform software shipments :)

Thanks for posting a poll in my absence Talon, and to everyone else who's helping to fill in for me (especially Veknoid and Trunks).

All I really care about are badges.

Not sure if you can improve it. At least not to where more people will suddenly flow in.

-sales numbers aren't really exciting in a one horse race.
-people don't seek out articles like they used to. They just watch a YouTube video of a person talking about what they read in an article.
-The forums are as great as ever but there just isn't the controversy to make it exciting.
-We can't track digital sales, yet.

I enjoy the site, sure. Somebody probably came up with some great ideas in the posts above and below me. I personally just don't see much that the Vgchartz powers that be can do differently.

Free tacos?

mZuzek loves to pre-order

John2290 said:
Main site, sales obviously and more reviews outted earlier.
Forums, Don't crack down on political speech that leans too heavily one way, keep a relaxed moderation trigger finger on newbies and keep the mods from banning (and ban suspensions) at the slightest little things for all users when the 9th gen wave comes and things should be fine on the forums.
The site will be great again.

Though this is mainly something for the mod team, I'm curious. Were there mods that did the latter around 2013-14 time? Also, how is it not great, in that regard, versus how it once was?


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After changing the email address was finally implemented (yay!), my #1 wish is now HTTPS. I'm not sure that's going to be a huge hit though, so I'll vote for better social features/more GameDB features. I have no idea what those might be but I imagine they could be popular.

Oh, and there are still occassional complaints about ads, so I imagine there's still something wrong with them.

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1. Have a more objective set of forum rules. The current rules are written so that virtually anything can be considered breaking the rules. At the end of the day, it's up to whether or not a mod thinks you were being nice or not. I've run across my fair share of banned users, checked their profile history to find out why they were banned, and left scratching my head. For real though guys, I have no clue what the rules here are. They just seem to be an amorphous "be nice". 

2. Less news articles that repeat themselves. I really don't think we need a separate article for a game topping in 5 different countries. We also don't need a new article for every character reveal, or trailer. Instead of posting three articles, on a game, in two days, why not just condense it into a single preview article? Like, one that gets updated? That would be a lot nicer, and so much more fun to read! 

3. I'd really like a forum section for rumor threads. That way I can unsub to them. Too many rumor threads get debunked and then keep getting bumped up into the top of hot topics. 

4. A way to easily see and navigate past articles. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true. 


Sometimes I think people wish for the golden age of VGC and don't realize that that time has come and gone, and it doesn't have to do with numbers, users, image, or console wars.

VGC came into existence when we were still using MySpace, flip phones, and landlines. I spent hours and hours refreshing the front page. At that time I spent hours and hours in front of my PC. When I got home from work that's where I went. And on my days off the PC was never far away. The cameraderie of the site was amazing and it was great to have people to communicate with about a hobby we all enjoyed, as opposed to wading through Yahoo forums or the dreaded IGN/Gamespot forums.

Around 2010 (and for some before) both Facebook and smartphones really took off. Facebook is a time sink and especially was for the first half of this decade. And no one can stop looking at their smartphone screen these days. Sadly, and there's not much to be done about this, VGC was never optimized very well for the small screen. Between obtrusive ads, unclickable links, and the general difficulty of posting anything lengthy or meaningful, it just became easier and easier to quit VGChartz. Not permanently, but certainly more successfully than it ever had been between '07-'10. I mean for a few years there I may have had a clinical addiction.

I don't know if this anecdote is true for everyone, but I know it is true for me. I usually only hit VGC while at work, and usually I delete my comments before posting them to avoid arguments or thoughts that I don't have time to follow or finish.

I still appreciate the site, especially in these last few years as changes are being made for the better design wise. The numbers will never stop being fun and entertaining and informative.

I do think the front page could use some softening, with more rounded edges, cleaner lines, and maybe just fewer sections. The top bar looks nice and clean, but the moment you drop down into the main page, clutter seems to reigns supreme. I think that's because there are several aspects of the site all vying to be the most important part of the front page, which I understand. It takes a team to make something like this work and you don't want anyone's work to seem overshadowed. No matter what you'll never be able to please all of us, or even a majority of us, but it's great to see the site looking for input on a regular basis.

John2290 said:
Oh and fix the ussue where polls reset on the main page after a few days. Forum polls have long sense fixed this issue and polls I made years ago still have my vote, would like to see that fixed on the main page as when I return after a few days, three maybe, the poll has reset.

It's not an issue with the poll on the main page - it's an issue with you and your ISP constantly changing your IP address... 

Forum polls are static because they are tied to your userid - polls on the main page on the other hand (because they're intended to be used by both users AND lurkers), are tied to IP Address...

Honestly... I miss the sales numbers. Sure, they were estimates for the most part, and didn't include digital numbers, but it was always nice looking at how well games were still selling weeks, months, and even years (GTAV) after release on a weekly basis. Maybe we'll never get them back, maybe we will, but I really do miss them :(