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Forums - General Discussion - Notre Dame is on Fire

That's crazy, because a friend of mine was there this Saturday, and showed me a video standing in front of it at night.

I hope they can salvage enough to rebuild it. =/

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Well this is obviously bad.

Was it an act of God. That insurance claim is going to be interesting.

hope they ccan rebuild it. such a loss if not.



That's good news.

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Hiku said:

That's good news.

That means they can rebuild at least. Will take awhile to rebuild and it will be expensive, but since it's such a huge tourist attraction for Paris, with millions of visitors each year, I'm sure the city will help pay for the costs.

I never knew how small that thing actually is.

Also, God must really hate Christians.

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I was visiting the church just 6 months ago, damn!

kirby007 said:
Does this mean they make the land available for a nice skyscraper

Certainly not. No building in Paris is allowed to be larger than the Eiffel tower (except the Tour Monparnasse, which is the reason for that law)