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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite Final Fantasy and favorite Final Fantasy character?


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XD84 said:

Honorable mention, Golbez is my favorite Final Fantasy villain.

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Wyrdness said:
Shiken said:

This reminds me of my biggest problem with X.  There is no defacto nemesis in the game that has a huge impact to the story.  I mean, Seymore tried to fill that role, but he always just seemed more like a side villain who got in the way TBH.

But this is kind of a double edged sword I guess because the way they handled Sin led into one of the biggest plot twists of its time, and had their been anyone else in the lime light it would have taken away from what Sin really was or the impact behind him.

FFX for me personally had a number of issues but the de facto villain wasn't one of them as it was a change in approach to how they did the main motivation for the party it was actually one of the things I liked in the game however the execution of it hampered the approach and had silly issues. An example was how non of the cast told Tidus at the start what was going to happen to Yuna that part felt it was just hidden for the sake of it to push things later on in the game.

Well, Auron was the only one who knew what Tidus did and didn't know, he also knew more about the whole summoner, guardian and Sin thing than anybody but never let on because he had a clear goal. As for the others not informing Tidus, they could have assumed he knew, I think some of them (Wakka for example) could even have been lying to himself that maybe this time Yuna wouldn't die, he did delude himself about his brother's death. Kimahri probably wouldn't say anything, so that just leaves Lulu and eventually Rikku who might've said anything, but Rikku wasn't there the whole time and didn't Tidus make it known that his father was Jecht? Anyone living in Spira would assume that the son of Sir Jecht would know what goes on with the battle to defeat Sin.

It's not the only way they could have told the story, but I do think it's an acceptable one.

Final fantasy 8. Without a doubt the best ff game there is. And Squall

This is definitely my nostalgia talking but uh...Final Fantasy V. Please don't kill me. I will say though, the best game in the series without my nostalgia glasses is definitely FF VI.

Favorite character? Probably Cloud. I just resonate with his original character a lot.

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Final Fantasy VI. Has my favorite cast of characters from any RPG and some of the most emotional and memorable moments from any game I've played. Kefka is my favorite villain ever. A classic Masterpiece.

My favorite FF characters ever would be Balthier, Vivi, Celes and Kefka.

Game: Final Fantasy X

Character: Sephiroth

Impossible to answer. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. I love 'em all! (Games, I mean. There are some characters which I can't stand, like Palom & Porom)

My favorite Final Fantasy is IV. It has the best combination of characters, music and plot.

As for my favorite character, it's probably Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. To be honest, I like most of the characters in IV, VII and IX.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

I mean... do I even have to say what my favourite Final Fantasy game is? I'll give you a hint, I've played it 18 times so far...

As for my favourite character... I can't say I have a defacto number one character, but I can say one of my favourites is; Wakka.

Why Wakka, you ask? Well let's just say that his character progression and how he deals with his loss really resonates with me on a personal level.