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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite Final Fantasy and favorite Final Fantasy character?

Bristow9091 said:
I mean... do I even have to say what my favourite Final Fantasy game is? I'll give you a hint, I've played it 18 times so far...

As for my favourite character... I can't say I have a defacto number one character, but I can say one of my favourites is; Wakka.

Why Wakka, you ask? Well let's just say that his character progression and how he deals with his loss really resonates with me on a personal level.

It was your story I guess.

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It's FFX, no question asked.

Yuna is my favorite character, to be honest, the developpement she gets from her relationship with Tidus is something I have yet to see again in this franchise. (Maybe Locke and Celes could compare in some way ?)

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Hard to pick a favorite, with so many main entries and spin offs. I guess favorite game would be IX, because I felt true JOY while playing it first the first time in 2016, in a PS2 nonetheless. Followed by XII, The Crystal Bearers, and Crystal Chronicles.

Characters... Same story, hard to pick just one because they're all so different (not really). A bunch of them are interesting, others are relatable, some are well written, and some are garbage (Rinoa, Rikku, etc). I guess overall Balthier would be my favorite, because he is balanced enough between being cool and collected, and having some sort of emotional conflict that provides him with something more "human". Closely following are Layle, Vivi, Hope, and Sazh.

What a question, Look at my Profile, Shadow of FFVI naturally

Extremely hard to pick as they're all so close so to make it easier on my ill list my top 5:

Favorite FF Game:

Favorite FF Character:
- Noctis
- Cloud
- Sephiroth
- Vivi
- Zack

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Quick impromptu list, so if you ask again tomorrow I might have a different answer:


#1: VIII
#2: XIV
#3: XII
#4: VII
#5: IX


Seifer, Barrett, Tifa, Minfilia

Spinoff: Crystal Chronicles (freaking love the hell out of this game)

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Favorite FF is kind of a tie between VI and VII. I tend to have the categories, pre-3D VI, post-3D VII.

Thus my favorite 2 characters are Locke (VI) and Cloud (VII).

Least favorite post-3D is FFIX. It so deviated by the progression of FF I feel like it should have been an offshoot or something not labeled FF. I just didn't like it and to this day is my least played FF. I like FFXV _more_ which should tell you how bad I feel IX was for me.

I'm currently replaying all the FFs as we speak, so I may come back to flesh this out some more.  FFI (FF Origins on PS1) at the moment.

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Game: Final Fantasy VII. The scope of the story is just so intriguing to me. I think it has the best highs of the series with a medley of sad, happy,funny and action intense moments.

Character: Definitely Yuna from FFX. She is the anti damsel in distress heroine that the series is unfortunately plagued with. She don't need no man to save her. At every point you think she does...she saves herself. She is a dedicated hero who often shoulders tye burden of the world on her shoulders. She sacrifices all of herself in effort of bringing peace to The world.




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Final Fantasy VIII and Cloud Strife is my favorite character. VII is an amazing game with a better story than VIII, but purely as a game, I love VIII much more.