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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2019 NBA Postseason: The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions!

Well I thought it might go seven. Really don't want to see Portland in the semi finals so I'm hoping the Nuggets win game seven since they would have a better chance in eliminating Portland. Even if they loose the Nuggets will be back in the playoffs next year and probably will be a much better team. Also RIP Havlicek one of the best offensive and defensive players of all time.

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And now it's official.
Golden State and Houston.

Now the 2nd Round of the playoffs is completely under way.
Raptors are able to take game 1 of their series without much trouble.
Boston shocks and completely curb stomps Milwaukee to steal home court in Game 1 of their series.

And we got a great one brewing in Oakland between the Rockets and Warriors.

Where are the fouls, refs!?

And this Houston/Golden State series starts the same as last year.
Golden State strikes first.

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Terrible officiating in the Warriors/Rockets game. I'm thinking the Celtics have good chance of sweeping the Bucks they where the deepest team last year and still are the deepest team this year. Also since they have three first round draft picks even if Kyrie Irving decides to leave the Celtics will more then likely still be the deepest team next season.

James Hardens needs to stop reaching for a foul almost every time he shoots a 3 pointer. He jumps forward about 2 feet every time and tries to draw contact. Same thing with Chris Paul but with jumping to the side. 

Just updated the OP.

I always knew the Rockets, particularly Chris Paul & James Harden, have had a tendency to complain about the refs (which is laughable considering James Harden has shot more free throws in the last 3 seasons than any other player in the league.) But this is just ridiculous!

The refs aren't perfect. They make bad calls, on both sides. But maybe the Rockets losing Game 7 last year had more to do with missing 27 threes in a row, and not, at any point during that slump, deciding to STOP SHOOTING THE DAMN THREE and TAKE THE BALL INSIDE! Even without Chris Paul, they could have won that game if they decided to put more pressure inside and force the Warriors, specifically Durant and Curry if they were fortunate, into foul trouble. But they didn't. That Game 7 was the epitome of "Live By the Three. Die By the Three."
What do they want to accomplish out of bringing up Game 7 of last year? Strip the Warriors of the championship and reward it to the Rockets? There's nothing they can do about it! Move on! Shut up and play basketball!

With Steph & Draymond in foul trouble and the 3 pointer falling, this is the best chance for the Rockets to take over the game.

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