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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2019 NBA Postseason: The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions!

Finally back home after taking a weekend trip to Seattle to see my brother! Just updated the OP.

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The Bucks won their first playoff series in 18 years. Also with the sweep the Pistons now hold the record for the longest loosing streak in the playoffs they lost 14 straight games.

And today concludes the 1st Round of the Eastern Conference. All of the higher seeds advanced to the 2nd round. Bucks-Celtics, and Raptors-Sixers.

Damian Lillard. Holy Shit.

Well I guess its better that OKC lost by a shot in the final seconds instead of loosing that game in overtime or getting eliminated on their home court in the next game.

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The stage is pretty much set for Golden State and Houston in the 2nd round.

Holy shit, Clippers grab another one to go! Can they take it all!?!?!?

I hope so!

Go Clippers win one at home and at least make one first round series go seven games.

Damn... Rest in Peace, Hondo.

Well, you got your wish, just not the series.

Go Spurs Go!