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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2019 NBA Postseason: The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions!

Aaaand Klay Thompson says: "Yeah, fuck that."

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Game 3 is do-or-die for the Rockets now.

Trail Blazers even the series despite a subpar performance from Damian Lillard.
But they did what they set out to do, steal home court. Now they have the momentum on their side as Game 3 shifts to Portland.

God ourselves a DAMN good one in Portland!!

That was the best playoff game I've seen in a VERY long time!
Props to the Trail Blazers for pulling it off!

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Weekend updates have been made.
As a Stephen Curry fan, I've been greatly disappointed by his performance for most of this series, not just Game 3.

The Trail Blazers/Nuggets has quickly turned into the best series in these playoffs so far.

Both the 76er versus Raptors and Nuggets versus Blazer could easily go seven games. Also Nikola Jokic needs one more triple double to match how many triple doubles Magic Johnson had during his first playoffs run.

The Celtics played like they wanted to take the series to at least six games for the first quarter. The Rockets played like they wanted to take the series to at least six games for most of the game even though they faded towards the end and almost let the Warriors win the game.

Looks like the Raptors and the Nuggets will finish their series in six.

Well, that's the best way you can respond to getting your ass whooped on your own home floor in Game 1, take the next 4 games and win the series in 5.
Now Milwaukee waits patiently at their own homes as they wait for the winner of Toronto and Philly.