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KLAMarine said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Making a non-sequitur that doesn't say anything at all.

And to answer your question: Both are equally horrible.

The point I'm making here is there are questions for which there is no obvious answer.

These questions aren't math questions: they don't have a definitive answer that can be calculated but often lie at the root of social and political divisions.

JRPGfan said:

Sending the innocent to prison is by far the worse of those two, imo.

Anyways, how did the conversation get to here? from Trump + crew, lieing about elections (spreading mis-information) and right wing news sites, not bothering to fact check or correct these lies.... to this?

1. What if the guilty man is a serial killer? Don't you fear his victim count climbing further?

2. Dunno, trace back the conversation.

If you don't even know how you got here, then we're in clear derailing territory. PM them if you both want to continue. We're done here.

Alright, celebration is over. Time to get to work.

President biden

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Hiku said:

I'm surprised Trump even got four years to be honest... I was expecting Clinton to win.

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KLAMarine said:
Hiku said:

I'm surprised Trump even got four years to be honest... I was expecting Clinton to win.

Trump is a symptom of a corrupt system, a bad system for the working class, the poor, environmentally conscious, if the Dems don't change and continue to pander to the rich by keeping the status quo then the risk is more people like Trump, attitudes have to change that support the working people far more  

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I don't think many of you here give a crap

But here goes for the few that do 

Bernie Sanders isn't wasting any time (Very Bernie) in getting the ball rolling on reforms and pushing the agenda of working people, people that are concerned about climate change and the environment, people concerned about education and healthcare, people concerned about tax breaks to the Rich at the expense of programs for everyone

He argues if the Dems serve the interests of the American People in all the above the Dems may enjoy a very long and progressive stay in power, if they don't act and keep the status quo they will fail again, and the endless merry-go-round of disappointments for the people will continue   

Bernie being the Chair of the Budget Committee is a huge deal for the Dems in finally getting some change that many have been trying to get happen for decades, but have been met with massive resistance from the Est. but times are changing, the Dems need to seize it if they want a real future    

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Here's hoping this new administration will take much needed action on healthcare and climate change, and restore some of the stability that's been missing these past four years.

Unity is probably too much to hope for given the current circumstances, but at the very least the process of healing can hopefully begin now that the country's divisions will no longer be getting constantly inflamed and pulled open by the guy at the top.

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vivster said:

That viewpoint is way too idealistic. It is not viable to check every single personal thought against biases. You can also not always lower yourself to other people's viewpoint, especially since they will never do the same. At some point ignorance will become dangerous and then the gloves need to come off.

If there is one side who mostly bases their opinion on facts and one side who mostly uses lies then it is prudent to give the benefit to the former and ignore the latter. Doesn't matter if the liars sometimes tell the truth or that the good people sometimes lie or err. It's not upon us to sift through their garbage in hope to find some kind justification for people's horrible actions, especially when they won't put in the effort.

Ignorant people who refuse to acknowledge facts after you present it to them can't be reasoned with, so the only thing left is to shout them down immediately. Because if you don't they will feel justified in their beliefs. It's how the US or any other fundamentalist country got as bad as they are. They do not deserve respect, some don't even deserve tolerance. Tolerance is how dangerous cults grow.

Disregarding tolerance and telling certain people they don't deserve respect is also how dangerous cults (and regimes) grow, like all things there has to be a balance (better for the balance to lean just a little more to one side than having it lean all the way in one direction)

Biden already managed to ruffle some feathers over here

Kenney called the order a “gut punch” to both the Alberta and Canadian economies.

“The leader of our closest ally retroactively vetoed approval for a pipeline that already exists and which is co-owned by a Canadian government, directly attacking, by far, the largest part of the Canada-U.S. trade relationship, which is our energy industry and exports,” he said.

It's tar sands oil, not great for pollution and Biden already said he would block the pipeline long ago. Still a lot of jobs on the line on both sides of the border plus if no alternatives in time, does that mean more oil tankers to get the energy in?

Earlier on Wednesday, TC Energy Corp. suspended work on the Keystone XL project in anticipation of the permit being removed.

The Calgary-based company said it will suspend construction and warned there could be a “substantive” predominantly non-cash, after-tax charge to earnings in the first quarter of 2021. TC Energy said the decision would lead to layoffs for thousands of unionized construction workers.

Anyway, great to have a president again south of the border that can speak in coherent sentences :) And he's not wasting any time, action!