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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Announces Maximus Cup Event for Tetris 99. Top 999 Players get 999 Gold Coin (~$10)

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The insanely addictive free-to-play puzzle game Tetris 99 will be hosting its very first online tournament later this week. The event starts on 8th March and will run until 10th March. Here's the full rundown from the official game site:

Get ready to participate in the Tetris® 99 MAXIMUS CUP online event, beginning on March 8th! Win first place (you’ll see TETRIS MAXIMUS on the results screen when you do) as many times as you can! After the event, the top 999 players with the most TETRIS MAXIMUS wins will be notified, and will each receive 999 My Nintendo Gold Points!

I sadly stand very little chance of getting this (i still have not gotten 1st place yet), but this is an awesome giveaway from Nintendo. They are basically giving away $10,000 with this event. That's pretty generous.

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I want to try this but I'm 99% sure I'll get my shit kicked in so I don't.

Good luck to those who give this a go.

Never been number 1, 13 max, but still great rewards has nintendo done anything like this before?

Damn, I may just start playing to get those points. I just splurged all of mine to get Kirby Star Allies for $33.

Oh wow! What an awesome event!

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I'd probably compete if I had a Switch.
I'm curious on how my NES Tetris skills would translate to this.

Wow Nintendo really keeps on giving with Tetris 99 ^^ (Too bad, I'm no Tetris player myself ...)

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I volunteer myself as Canon fodder! Who will join me!?

Seriously, I think the highest I made was 12.

Ill join. Wont have a chance, I have like a 3-4% win ratio. Still fun to try though.

I've activated my free trial last weekend. I think I'll give this a shot, although my free trial won't last until the end of the event.

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