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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Maker 2 OR a Brand New 2D Super Mario Game

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Super Mario Maker 2 vs. a brand new Super Mario 2D Adventure

Super Mario Maker 2 21 46.67%
A New Super Mario 2D Platform Adventure 24 53.33%

If they actually did something new, rather than just release another game in the New Super Mario Bros.-series with the exact same look and design, then yes, a new 2D Mario would be great, but otherwise i'd rather just get Mario Maker 2.

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Brand new game of course!...but, something more 'inspiring' like SMB3 was instead of the "soulless" (in my opinion) NSMB series.

Nintendo needs to give us Super Mario Bros. 5. Might not be a bad idea to give the next game exactly that name and act like the four NSMB games are its own series of throwback games while SMB5 is the next leap and real deal.

I don't even consider Mario Maker games for a purchase.

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I'm probably getting Mario Maker, but I'd STRONGLY prefer a real 2D Mario game. Even one in the NSMB coat.

2D Mario has nothing new to offer anymore. So... Mario Maker 2 it is.

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RolStoppable said:

I don't even consider Mario Maker games for a purchase.

But you also buy third party games.

I want a new 2D Mario, but NOT a New Super Mario game. As mentioned before, the art direction with the NSM_ series is bland. They need a visual rehaul with the 2D Mario series.


I’m definitely looking forward to Super Mario Maker 2, but what I’d really like to see is an ultra ambitious, visually stunning, 2D Super Mario game.

Specifically, give Mario the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze treatment.  That’d be awesome.

I'm more for Super Mario Maker 2. Don't see a brand new 2D Mario happening so soon.

Mario Maker 2 if I had to pick either or. But I would definitely want a new 2D Mario, with revamped art style and new mechanics. Wouldn't mind a Rayman Legends/Origins aesthetic.