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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Maker 2 OR a Brand New 2D Super Mario Game

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Super Mario Maker 2 vs. a brand new Super Mario 2D Adventure

Super Mario Maker 2 21 46.67%
A New Super Mario 2D Platform Adventure 24 53.33%

Mario Maker. I can only play a normal 2D Mario so much

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Flilix said:
Veknoid_Outcast said:

I agree; I love both too.

The level editor features in Super Mario Maker are so accessible, and stepping into the shoes of a game maker is a lot of fun, but for me the fan-made stages in SMM just don't compare to the thoughtful, creative levels the professionals make.

There's a fair amount of thoughtful, creative levels in Mario Maker too, they're just harder to find. The level searching is definitely something I hope gets improved in Mario Maker 2.

OT: Definitely Mario Maker 2, I enjoyed the first one a lot more than any normal 2D Mario.

Fair enough. I will say a full campaign creator would do wonders. The great thing about a classic 2D Mario (or any single-player campaign, really) is that you have new ideas, items, and layouts introduced at regular intervals. There's a feeling of forward progress, not just in terms of narrative but also mechanics. So far, it's been tricky to recreate that in Mario Maker.

How about a new ip


Not interested in level building.

A new 2d Mario, BY FAR, because I don't play a bunch of levels with obstacles I go on adventures. Not even a contest.

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Considering Switch is to Wii U as Wii was to GamrCube, graphically speaking in my opinion, I'll say SMM2. A new SMB game won't have that huge leap that U did over Wii, so I find the more creative customizable one to be more appealing. Maybe when the Switch sequel is out, and hopefully it will be in 4k and be the next big leap, I'll want a brand new 2d game. As it stands, if they did another one on Switch after the U port, it will probably just feel like dlc of the U port rather than a brand new game since it won't be a big visual leap. That being said,not they changed art styles entirely then disregard everything I said and give me that!

2D Mario

I'm not going to answer the question because I've barely played the NSMB series and have never actually played Mario Maker. 

But, look. 

If Nintendo is going to continue doing ports and remakes, they really need to embrace the idea of having more than two mainline games on a single platform. I don't want Link's Awakening to be the only 2D singleplayer Zelda, or for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe to be the only 2D mainline Mario game. We should get new ones for both, damn it! 

A new 2D Mario for sure! And by new I mean and new art style, new power ups and something that feels like an evolution like it has been the case with every new 3D Mario game.

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New 2D Mario. But they have to revolutionize the formula.

Completely redo the game in every possible aspect, beginning with the look and gameplay..