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I have really enjoyed my time with Skyward Sword, but while the swordplay is cool, the motion controls of Metroid Prime 3 and Trilogy weren't just cool, they were exceedingly practical. I think that Metroid Prime 3 remains the best example of motion controls integrated perfectly into a game.

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Pikmin/Pikmin 2 by far. The added pointer controls in the Wii releases were incredibly precise and made the game much easier and more fun to play. Going back to sticks afterwards feels really counter-intuitive to me.

Zelda Skyward Sword

Red Steel 2 and Skyward Swords played incredibly well considering they were heavily reliant on motion controls.

I was always of the belief that when you have a game that does Motion Controls just right, there is no better way to play a game.

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Hard for me to pick one but some that worked really well:

Wii Sports Resort. I have no further comment it just worked really well.

Metroid Prime triology. Pointer controls for FPS is soooooo much better than dual analog.

Skyward Sword. As someone else said the near 1 to 1 sword mapping was really well made.

Okami. Just the detail of painting the signs with the IR pointer made the game better than the PS2 version.

Pikmin. IR pointer makes RTS-type games feasable on

Mario Kart. Motion steering was really accurate in this and worked damn well. For some reason I don’t find it as good in MK8D, maybe the size of the controller makes the difference.

Cursed Mountain. Can’t put my finger on it, but the different motions felt natural and made sense.

Honorable mention: No More Heroes. While most of the swordfighting was just ”waggle” and implemented in a gimicky way there was some satisfaction in the jerk off motion of recharging the lightsabre.

For pure motion Skyward Sword. The breath and accuracy of its use of motion remains astounding. The best swordplay in any game, pointer controls for the slingshot combined with true motion for the bow a la Wii Sports Resort, the beetle, ect. Enemies that would always blocked you if you just waggled and didn't put real thought and effort into it. And it managed to make cleaning with the gust-blower fun.

For pure IR Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime 3. Both were just so much better and more responsive than their Gamecube versions it is impossible to go back. Prime 3 in particular has the best controls I've ever seen in an FPS game, including on PC. It may not be as customizable as other games, but it feels fantastic, the 60 FPS helps, it's use of the Prime lock-on system compliments the motion controls while still requiring the player to aim, and the addition of the grapple beam into combat really ups the immersion.

Wii Sports Resort nailed most of its games so well. Even canoing was fun. The only real stinker was cycling.

The Exite games Truck and Bots had better motion steering than Mario Kart.

The first 3 Madden games and the last few Tiger Woods games had amazing controls for sports games, I'd say Tiger Woods 10 and 11 for the Wii are the best Golf video games ever made.

Red Steel 2 doesn't have the best gunplay on the Wii, and Skyward Sword arguably did swordplay better, but both were still done well enough that the way you could switch between them was awesome.

Link’s Crossbow Training.

curl-6 said:
Cobretti2 said:
Godfather was pretty damn good. Then somehow EA lost ability to code for the remote and reverted to waggle lol

Another early EA effort that was really impressive was Medal of Honor Heroes 2.

Besides having smooth and highly customizable pointer controls years before The Conduit, it used a ton of really cool motion controls like pumping the nunchuk to pump a shotgun, dialing a sniper scope in and out by rotating the Wiimote, and lifting the Wiimote to your shoulder to mimic a bazooka, so that the speaker goes off with a launching sound next to your ear. Super awesome stuff.

Ok cool may have to see if i can find a copy in Aus.  Sounded like EA was a bit more innovative than I thought, especially with he speaker haha



Azzanation said:
Red Steel 2 and Skyward Swords played incredibly well considering they were heavily reliant on motion controls.

Red Steel 2 was great. I even enjoyed RS1, after the steap learning curve of that one lol. Those damn times you get stuck spinning in circles lol.