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I'm not expecting much at this point, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. The bike and major swarm+hazard gameplay look the most interesting, so hopefully there's plenty of that.

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I'm not going to lie, compared to what I've seen of RDR2, this looks so much more fun and engaging. An open world where every direction can be a new, personal adventure is what I like.

I'm also a big fan of attacking enemy camps and locations, it has always been the best part of a Far Cry games for me. I haven't seen much of that aspect so far but it seems to hint at that kind of gameplay. I also liked Dead Island but ultimately that game was too small, slow, and clunky. I'm liking this footage in comparison.

The only real reservation I have is that 3rd person shooters are hard as hell to get right. That's something we'll probably have to wait for reviewers on.

It always looked great imho. The only thing that had me worried was the performance, but they should’ve been able to work that out by now.


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Nate4Drake said:

I'm hyped, DAY ONE for me. I love the freedom, the way you can approach the situations and enemies. I never played an Open World survival like this before.
Sure I'm very hyped!


Release Info :

Single player only

Releases April 26 2019

Developer - SIE Bend Studio

Has been in development for over 6 years

Days Gone was Bends first idea after making Uncharted Golden Abyss

Team has more than double in size since 2016 (Over 100 developers)

Game engine utilises Unreal Engine 4

Approximately 30 hours length on the golden path (main story only)

There is only one difficulty setting and it's not easy

The open world that most influenced the developers was RDR

You can still play the game after you beat it

No load times going in and out of buildings or going between regions

You can turn off the XP pop up on the HUD


The game takes place only 2 years after the global pandemic

The game follow 3 stories, Deacon, Deacon's relationship with Boozer and NERO Response Organization that is researching the infection

Plot is about surviving, not finding a cure

The game has multiple endings depending on player choice

Freaker Ears are currency of the world

Freakers will mutate throughout as the story progresses


Freaker-ear bounties

Hunting animals

Camps to clear

Flashback missions (where you learn about Deacon's past with Sarah)

No fetch quests or time trials, everything has context

The World

Days Gone is set in the state of Oregon

There are 6 different regions in the game,from dense alpine forest, lush meadows to desert lava fields, ancient lava caves,badlands, and snow fields

99% of the buildings are enterable (Or all are, I'm seeing conflicting reports)

The open world wont be fully available to explore at the beginning as the story progresses areas are unlocked. At some point the whole map will be available

You dont climb towers to reveal the map you find maps in bunkers, although there are towers you can climb

Yes the game has fast travel you have to unlock it first by clearing out Freaker nests

Nero Checkpoints has all kinds of useful stuff for you but first you have to get inside each one is a puzzle

The game has small/large towns to explore

You can explore ski lodges, mountain resorts, and golf courses

Players can collect historical markers spread throughout the map this is bits of lore from Oregon’s pioneer past. This is all real stuff

The game has real world landmarks for getting around like Mount Bachelor, Mount Washington, and Three Fingered Jack


There are over 1200 dynamic events in the world most want to kill you

You can get hurt by falling

You can use your environment to do unique melee kills like smashing a freakers head against a saw

You can use your environment to your advantage like triggering a bomb to let log piles toll on freakers

Wood bridges can crumble if too many freakers are on it

You can hide in trash bins

There is a lot of collectables and loot

Police cars are like the treasure chest of the world where you can find ammo and health kits (newts are also known to hide in them)

Cars may be alarmed


The game has a day night cycle with different weather patterns such as rain,and snow.

Living beings are taken shelter while snowing

While it's snowing and raining visibility is reduced and enhance stealth for the players and enemies

The bike controls differently while snowing and raining.

Sounds are reduced while raining

Camps behave differently according to the weather for example on a sunny day they build a circle and watch two members fight each other and while snowing they are patroling

The freakers densitiy is higher while raining and you will find more swarms

While snowing there are less freakers and but are more spread out across the map


Deacon can scout camps with binoculars

Taking out Ambush camps makes that part of the world safer decreasing ambushes

Relationships are important

Deacon St. John

Deacon is the enforcer of a biker club called the Mongrels

Deacon has three main skill trees: ranged combat, melee combat, and survival.

You can upgrade his Health, stamina and Focus using Nero Tech

Deacon has "survival vision" which highlights items of interest, can be upgraded to highlight enemies

You can craft different Health items,traps,explosives you can also craft different bolts for the CrossBow

You can even make bolt that makes the freakers frenzy and attack each other

You can get skills like Focus which slows down time

Deacon changes clothes as the story progress ( you cant change it yourself)

Deacon flips his cap for reasons in the story as you play

He can swim but he wont do it, something related to the story

Deacon the ability to sleep and skip night (unknown if this is only a story related function)

You can switch shoulders (camera)

Deacon has a mercenary friend named Boozer, if you steal from him it can affect your friendship

Deacons stamina, health, time slowdown are upgradable

Deacon will pinch his nose if the stench is unbearable

You are more silent in the rain

There are dialogue choices

Deacons Bike

The bike breaks down and runs out of gas so you need it fix and refuel it.

You can upgrade the bike in 20 different categories such as the exhaust system,engine,frame,fuel tank,tires,suspension,storage space,nitrous and others

You can paint the bike any color you want

You can store ammo on your bike

You bike makes alot of noise it will attract enemies

If you left you bike in the wild you either have to go get it or have someone from one of the camps bring it to you.

Can increase fuel efficiency and durability, swap out tires based on weather

The ground on which you drive can wear off the bike to a different degree. (it wears off faster in a forest than driving on the road for example)

You can add a muffler to your bike to reduce noise output and be more stealthier

The Freakers

Freaker are infected adults, newts are infected children

You will encounter several such as the Swamers, Newts who love high places they will only attack if you low on health or are near them,Screamers will alert freakers in the area and of course the Hordes

Freakers are stronger in the cold and hide when the sun is out,they will come out if its stars raining though

Freakers can be attracted by gun sound even from a noticable distance

Freakers are alive, think and need to sleep, drink and eat

Not all freakers are known, Breaker for example has been mentioned but not seen

Freakers will eat and attack anything including their own

You can use Freakers against other enemies like leading to a camp of marauders

Freakers are drawn to dark places such as tunnels and will make nests

Freakers hibernate at daytime

Freaker can run faster than you


There are roaming hordes that can be found anywhere

A 300 freaker horde is considered small (The E3 2016 demo horde was 500 strong)

Hordes need to eat, sleep, and drink.

Human Enemies

These include drifters, marauders, militia and rival bikers

Rippers are an enemy gang that worships freakers, they will not attack the freakers even if they are being attack by them

They will set up variety of ambushes, like a clothesline as you driving across the road or pushing cars down hills at him .They even hide in trees to try to snip you.

They will not call for back or anything like that but the noise can attract Freakers

Enemies could push cars down on you


Not all animals are infected

Infected animals include Runners which are wolves ,Criers which are crows and Rager which are the bears

Wolves can outrun your bike


Weapons include handguns, rifles, shotguns, LMG's, crossbows, melee weapons

Explosive includes gas cans, molotovs, napalm, grenades, proximity mines

There are different types of bolts for your crossbow like fire or berserker bolts (making enemies turn on each other)

You can find blueprints for new weapons

Weapons have different conditions and rarity, weapons found in the open will be worse then weapons you buy from camps.

Weapons you buy from camps will be added to your locker you can always get them from there.

Weapons can be upgraded with stuff like extended magazines

You can get a makeshift silencer from vehicles

Weapons lockers and safehouses can be used to refill ammo

There are different types of traps like a bear trap

Damn, now I'm interested.

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Kerotan said:

The more I see of it the more hyped I get. 

Here's the latest trailer. 

Post this please

They put a lot of work into this, so I'm definitely going to check this out.

I can't wait for a zombie game where we get zombie types with unique names. Every zombie game has very stereotypical names for the zombie types. Imagine getting something completely over the top and ridiculous. "That's the Zlib Zorb Zob", what's that one over there?, "Oh that's the glob glooby glub".  

I think this game will be successful in finding it's niche (and when I say niche I don't mean as in low-selling). It's been pointed out that it's kind of "generic" but the thing is, everything that Days Gone is comparable to is pretty fundamentally different. Lots of survival zombie games, sure, but not a lot that allow you to play around with the environment in a third person story intensive setting. It kind of comes off to me as something of a Portal or Breath of the Wild kind of game - in the same way a lot of games push physics I think Days Gone is pushing enemy count and (small-scale) destructibility. 

Also like that old timey rifle in the newest trailer. Reminds me of Red Dead. Forget what those are called though haha.

I don't think it looks amazing yet but I'm way more interested than I was previously, glad it got delayed.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

It's been pointed out that it's kind of "generic" but the thing is, everything that Days Gone is comparable to is pretty fundamentally different. 

You NAILED this now, bravo. My thoughts exactly.


My 3 cents about sales - AC Odyssey, disliked on forums, giga hit in real life. Seriously, I dont see any point to complain about the game.

Man, they even added " Hulk Hogan " zombie type, what can be more than this.

KingofTrolls said:
Kerotan said:

The more I see of it the more hyped I get. 

Here's the latest trailer. 

Post this please

Really nice video.  Stealth options make me especially happy.  Hope it's a well-supported method of play.

Didn't see any button prompts but I pray to all that is soft and furry that the melee combat won't be QTE.  QTEs can die in a fire.  Just watching that wolf fight gave me Tomb Raider flashbacks, which is where I quit and uninstalled the game.