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I can't wait for a zombie game where we get zombie types with unique names. Every zombie game has very stereotypical names for the zombie types. Imagine getting something completely over the top and ridiculous. "That's the Zlib Zorb Zob", what's that one over there?, "Oh that's the glob glooby glub".  

I think this game will be successful in finding it's niche (and when I say niche I don't mean as in low-selling). It's been pointed out that it's kind of "generic" but the thing is, everything that Days Gone is comparable to is pretty fundamentally different. Lots of survival zombie games, sure, but not a lot that allow you to play around with the environment in a third person story intensive setting. It kind of comes off to me as something of a Portal or Breath of the Wild kind of game - in the same way a lot of games push physics I think Days Gone is pushing enemy count and (small-scale) destructibility. 

Also like that old timey rifle in the newest trailer. Reminds me of Red Dead. Forget what those are called though haha.

I don't think it looks amazing yet but I'm way more interested than I was previously, glad it got delayed.