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Still looks rather mediocre to me. Might pick it up after a few price drops.

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Honestly it just looks like another zombie game but faster enemies and called something else.

Saying that I still have it on preorder since they first announced it as it still going to be better than most other new IPs.



pokoko said:

Really nice video.  Stealth options make me especially happy.  Hope it's a well-supported method of play.

Didn't see any button prompts but I pray to all that is soft and furry that the melee combat won't be QTE.  QTEs can die in a fire.  Just watching that wolf fight gave me Tomb Raider flashbacks, which is where I quit and uninstalled the game.

Fingers crossed! I dont think this will be QTE, they showed melee fights already, there will be a melee skill tre, I think it is just for  good looks trailer purposes.

Doesn’t look too exciting to me. I may eventually get it if the reviews are good... but it will be a ways down the road when it is cheap.

Kerotan said:

The more I see of it the more hyped I get. 

Here's the latest trailer. 


Use the one from Sony, it has waaaay better quality, and considering you want people to be impressed, you should change it:

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It sort of reminds me of SoD meets Overkill's TWD. Apart from that it is also giving me huge L4D vibes, with the naming of specific special zombies, which we've seen across multiple games.
Between this and WWZ, the running undead theme is starting to get blurry and samey. Crafting originally set these types apart at one point, but now it has to be down to storytelling and slightly different settings.

I won't be playing either though, so there's that


Need a story trailer,but these gameplay vids Def look better than older footage

PwerlvlAmy said:
Still looks rather mediocre to me. Might pick it up after a few price drops.

Idk about mediocre to me but nothing I have seen or read sets it apart from the typical open world game. Most of the descriptions make it sound like the typical Far Cry game. Camps, skill tree, hunting, etc. Even has Batvision apparently. Only this has a bigger emphasis on CQC than FC and zombies. 

Will wait for $20.

Can't wait!

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