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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is it unusual to game on multiple consoles in a gen?


Do you game on more than 1 system per Gen?

Yes, I game on more than ... 31 44.29%
No, I only buy 1 console each Gen 14 20.00%
I buy more than 1 console... 23 32.86%
I buy 1 console, and also... 1 1.43%
The Atari 2600 is still my main console 0 0%
View Results 1 1.43%

I am always on a gaming PC and a home console. In the past I had all consoles in a gen, but now I am poor so just a gaming PC and a home console.

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1 console a gen is plenty for me.

In the past for me it was the norm, both because I used to game much more but also because there consoles were more distinguished with exclusives and performance. Now PS4/X1 are 95% identical except for PS4 has way more interesting exclusives. It doesn't make sense for me to own both, but PS4/X1 + Switch is a good combo.

I think the GP see it the same, you either get a PS4 or Xbox. Maybe you pick one late in the circle if it's cheap enough and has enough exclusives to warrant it.

Traditionally I have always had all consoles, even though Playstation has generally been my main console such that I have tons of Playstation games and only a couple dozen Nintendo, Sega, and XBOX games (though as I buy more and more retro games that will change). More recent gens this is less so. I didn't buy a Wii U or Switch and I think I will also not buy the next XBOX unless there are an abundance of exclusive RPGs for the XBOX.

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Lafiel said:
1 console a gen is plenty for me.

Meanwhile, finding games that are good enough to finish is hard for me, despite having all the resources to do so...

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No, it isn't. I'm usually juggling between my 3DS, WiiU and Switch since 2 years now.

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Not at all. I find no reason to fire up my base X1 since I have a PS4 Pro (or when I had my base PS4 for that matter), but my Switch gets just as much love from me throughout the year. Depends on my gaming needs at the time. Hell soon I will be firing up my VITA for Persona 4 Golden.

As long as there are exclusive games to play, there will always be a reason to game on multiple platforms at any given time.

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I think it's pretty common for people whose hobby is gaming. Not every owner has multiple ones, but it's pretty common to a gaming PC +1 or a Nintendo console +1 in order to get those exclusives plus ones you miss. I have a PS4/Switch this gen and I don't regret it.

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No its not unusual.

This gen i game on PS4 and Switch. Last gen, it was PS3 only for me.