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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is it unusual to game on multiple consoles in a gen?


Do you game on more than 1 system per Gen?

Yes, I game on more than ... 31 44.29%
No, I only buy 1 console each Gen 14 20.00%
I buy more than 1 console... 23 32.86%
I buy 1 console, and also... 1 1.43%
The Atari 2600 is still my main console 0 0%
View Results 1 1.43%

I have never bought a Non Nintendo console since the PS2
- Dont have enough money
- Not interested in other consoles
- Not enough time
- Have a PC for the free2play MMO games and sims

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Well, I'd say so far out of my experience with the Switch is that, yes it isn't good enough to be a primary gaming console. There's no way in my mind I could ever just get by with a Nintendo console because I would be wanting a lot of those 3rd party games that just don't come to Nintendo consoles. Of course, that's just how I feel. I'm sure there are lots of people where Switch is their one and only console they play on.

No, not really. If you wanna get most of exclusives you get multiple consoles. I play on PC + VR and Nintendo consoles.

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No way, you would miss out on games by not having the console. I had happily game between PC, switch and ps4. The machines are so cheap now if you're buying 10+ games then the price of hardware is really inconsequential.

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For the most part, I have only had 1 console per generation.. Until this gen. I've had multiple consoles of the same generation before, but not at the same time. Saturn broke, got a PS1. Dreamcast got discontinued, got a PS2, or maybe I already had one.

I get almost all multiplatform games on PC these days. I opened the gen with a PS4, and eventually got a second PS4 in the form of a pro. But, with my PC's specs, it's nonsensical for me to get multi-plats, unless it's a bad PC port. This gen, I have a PS4, Pro, PC, and a Switch. If I want to play xbox games, they're all on PC anyway. I personally have never been a fan of xbox, and the only thing i ever wanted from xbox was killer instinct. I also have forza horizon 3 & 4, but I don't play either. Same is true for Gears of War 4, and Gears of War collection. None of those games hold my attention.

I don't think it's weird to own multiple consoles, unless you own both a gaming pc and an xbox. Exclusives aren't really a thing, like they are with switch and ps4.

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It'd be easier to list the systems from the four majors I didn't have:

Gen 3: Master System
Gen 4: TurboGrafx-16
Gen 5: Saturn
Gen 6: Had all four
Gen 7: PS3
Gen 8: Have all four


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The only major console I've missed since 1999 was the original Xbox. Before that, I bought everything Nintendo and Sony ever made. I grabbed a couple of Sega consoles, too. I just like gaming.

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Not cost-effective, but I certainly don't see why it would be unusual.

No but its very unusual for fanboys to own multiple consoles.

I've recently found this channel called "console wars" on YouTube. Its low budget but I've fallen in love with it. Anyway, they focus on comparing games between the SNES and Genesis.

During that era, I only had the SNES and I automatically assumed that I was getting the best experience 100% of the time over those underpowered Sega fanboys. It was kinda shocking to see that, quite often, the Genesis games were better.

That's what happens when you're a blind fanboy (as I was back then). Now, I embrace every console and I've learned that there's more to having the best experience than just power. I think I'm much happier, now.

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