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Do you game on more than 1 system per Gen?

Yes, I game on more than ... 31 44.29%
No, I only buy 1 console each Gen 14 20.00%
I buy more than 1 console... 23 32.86%
I buy 1 console, and also... 1 1.43%
The Atari 2600 is still my main console 0 0.00%
View Results 1 1.43%

This is a gaming forum so the likelihood of multiplatform gamers is gonna be high here.

I don't think its the norm to play on multiple consoles per se, most people I know just game one console. But multi console gamers are pretty common, especially if they play a Nintendo device because they need a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox for core games.

I personally try to buy all the consoles just to have access to more exclusives. I often find the efforts of 1st party studios more ambitious and fun. Xbox One X is my primary gaming device though.

As far as making time for all these games, I tend to just spend my time playing campaigns so most games I play are about 6-15 hours. I also tend to focus on campaigns when playing open world games as the side stuff tends to just be a time sink. Many games have also left my backlog or I will stop playing if I'm not enjoying them so I can focus on games I consider more worthy of my time.

On a side note, buying all the consoles is not that expensive when you wait for deals. I waited years to buy a PS4 so the price would go down and it would have a good library of exclusives. I don't buy many games at full price either. There is always stuff in my backlog and I'm buying less games at launch now that I have Xbox Gamepass.

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Dr.Vita said:

I usually just play on Playstation because in every gen it is the lead platform where most of the big and important games release.

Seriously owning a Playstation is more than enough to enjoy video gaming imo.

Anytime you tie yourself exclusively to the content available on 1 brand, you are missing out, regardless of what you tell yourself.

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Mandalore76 said:
John2290 said:
I've gamed on almost every console, bar handhelds and the Dreamcast every gen since the 5th however this gen is the one I have only played on PlayStation and PC as I've not had any need to buy an xbox and Nintendo are keeping me away with a lack of very small but very important features to me, one in particular being the ability to back up my saves which if corrected I'd buy a switch right away, I'd literally run to the store the same day and buy a 128 gig memory card to boot. I feel however that this coming 9th gen, will be at the very least a teo console gen as I think MS are going to nail it, I'll still be prioritizing PlayStation though until I see results and perhaps a price cut on the Scarlett.

Doesn't the Nintendo Switch Online service already do that now with Cloud Save back-up?  

I want a physical back up without having to rely on the net, it should be physically allowed as game saves and time invested is often more valubale than money to me. I have absolutely no interest in Nintendo's online service no matter how cheap and the fact they are holding a vital feature for a handheld behind a pay wall is off putting, one reason it isn't a solution for me is I don't trust myself to keep it paid for the grace period as I could put a handheld down for months without touching it. Now if they gave an indefinite grace period or the ability to do physical backups that get locked after a grace period but are still there and not deleted but need you to re pay the subscription I'd go in for it, albeit begrudgingly. 

Regardless, owning a handheld shouldn't bring a sense of anxiety with it anytime you travel with it. They have no excuse to not allow account locked saves for back ups for a handheld in 2019. It's not 1990. 


China Numba wan!!

I think the only gen where I have not owned every console is the GCN gen. Outside of that I always buy all the consoles so that I can play any game whenever I want.

Is it practical? Probably not. I use my Xbone so much my PS4 Pro practically collects dust and I only use my Switch for Civ in bed. I can see people being content with one console. All of them offer enough to keep anyone busy.

No, but it's not something every one can afford. Its like owning two cars, its ok to have but not something everyone has the luxury of doing.

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Honestly, it's more that Nintendo offers something different that makes the something else +Nintendo so attractive. A Xbox and PS4 generally offer similar things so no real reason to buy one over both unless you are really invested in thier exclusives.
Meanwhile nintedo sells because their exclusives are usually the best that generation has to offer, and they have a lot of em.

Mr Puggsly said:
Jranation said:
I have never bought a Non Nintendo console since the PS2
- Dont have enough money
- Not interested in other consoles
- Not enough time
- Have a PC for the free2play MMO games and sims

As a multi console gamer I say this...

- I always buy console at a discounted price, often during Black Friday or a deal with similar prices.

- That's subjective, nothing to say there.

- If you play F2P content and MMOs, you have plenty of time but spend it with those.

- If you have a gaming PC and a Nintendo console, you're a multiplat gamer. PC shares most of the content on PlayStation and Xbox.

Sorry. I contradicted myself there. Should have just wrote my 2nd and 4th point. And yeah I guess I am a multiplat gamer. 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

I have always owned more than 1 console
every gen but generally use one console 90% of the time. Last gen my main console was ps3 and now ps4. I owned a xb1 as well but rarely use it. Nintendo consoles aren't worth it to me until it's last year during his cycle because you can get their games cheaper through Nintendo selects.

1 is plenty.

I usually get 2 or all 3, but 2 primarily collect dust.

I also have a weakness for digital sales. I buy so many games that I will never play.

I certainly never saw it as unusual. If you like to play video games and you want to have the maximum amount at your disposal, why not? 

I've fulled embraced the flexibility in having multiple consoles as when I was a kid/teen and totally reliant on my folks' money and had school to deal with, I was only permitted one console per gen. So I went with Nintendo. Now I take advantage of the fact that I can buy whatever gaming hardware I want. 

I review games now, but even before I was, I had settled on the Xbox-Nintendo duo of consoles since '05, when the 360 came out. To me, it makes sense because it covers most of my bases - I get the quirky Nintendo stuff and their second party software (and now usually indies too) on Nintendo consoles, and the bigger blockbuster style AAA stuff, quality third party games, FPS, etc on Xbox. And from a hardware standpoint, they are very different too - with Switch, I can utilize the portible functionality, Xbox is my go-to for gaming online with friends as we can actually talk online, not to mention I can enjoy 4k gaming on my new TV.

I even have a semi-decent gaming desktop, though it's been showing its age lately and I don't want to go through the hassle/financial commitment required to upgrade the parts, though most of the stuff on PC I can just get on my Xbox One anyway. 

Hell a friend of mine has all three major consoles, plus SNES/NES Classic. Another good friend has a beast of a gaming PC + Switch + XB One. That's a big out of my price range at the moment, but for now, Switch + SNES Classic + XB One + plus a lower-mid level gaming PC is more than enough for me. 


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