I certainly never saw it as unusual. If you like to play video games and you want to have the maximum amount at your disposal, why not? 

I've fulled embraced the flexibility in having multiple consoles as when I was a kid/teen and totally reliant on my folks' money and had school to deal with, I was only permitted one console per gen. So I went with Nintendo. Now I take advantage of the fact that I can buy whatever gaming hardware I want. 

I review games now, but even before I was, I had settled on the Xbox-Nintendo duo of consoles since '05, when the 360 came out. To me, it makes sense because it covers most of my bases - I get the quirky Nintendo stuff and their second party software (and now usually indies too) on Nintendo consoles, and the bigger blockbuster style AAA stuff, quality third party games, FPS, etc on Xbox. And from a hardware standpoint, they are very different too - with Switch, I can utilize the portible functionality, Xbox is my go-to for gaming online with friends as we can actually talk online, not to mention I can enjoy 4k gaming on my new TV.

I even have a semi-decent gaming desktop, though it's been showing its age lately and I don't want to go through the hassle/financial commitment required to upgrade the parts, though most of the stuff on PC I can just get on my Xbox One anyway. 

Hell a friend of mine has all three major consoles, plus SNES/NES Classic. Another good friend has a beast of a gaming PC + Switch + XB One. That's a big out of my price range at the moment, but for now, Switch + SNES Classic + XB One + plus a lower-mid level gaming PC is more than enough for me. 


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